Is Customer Service A Priority To Your Marketing List Broker?

Marketing list brokers can seem to be a dime a dozen. With all of the advertisements hitting you in the face every time you leave your door, how can you tell if you have chosen the right one? Maybe you have felt a little ignored by your marketing list broker, and you are wondering how you can find out if yours is doing right by you? Here are a couple of things to think about if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of small business owners out there trying to drive leads by using a marketing list. First, ask yourself this question; is your marketing list broker interested in customer service? When you have a question, do you get a quick response, or do you feel ignored and left out in the cold? Most of the clients we talk to feel that they are not getting their money’s worth when dealing with co registration lists or marketing list brokers. Marketing lists are great tools for small business, because they are proven to drive leads. However, you have to buy the right list from the right broker. Do this, and you win; don’t, and you lose. It really is that simple. What is not so simple is how to know if you are buying from a reputable marketing list broker. Search the company online, and see what the reviews look like. Reviews can go a long way to tell you how good your broker is.

How A Dishonesty Bond Could Have Saved This Business Owner $100,000

Dishonesty bonds are something that you may have never thought of or even know the definition to, but you should. What if you could save your business over one hundred thousand dollars for less than five hundred dollars out of pocket? Would you do that? Most of us would say yes, and if you are one of the more than one hundred thousand small business owners out there, your answer should be yes. Being able to save that kind of money for the small amount of out of pocket cost is one of the great values you can find on the market today. Dishonesty bonds though not having a deep knowledge base in the business community, you can find yourself a tool that you can use to protect your business in the same way that you protect your clients. Most of your energy is spent out there trying to make sure that your clients are protected from any risks that your employees might pose, but what about you and your company? What about your family? Dishonesty bonds protect your family, too, because it is your family and the provision you want to give them you work all these hours for in the first place, right? Do yourself a favor and put in place the kind of protection that you need for your company and your family. Get a dishonesty bond today that will protect you in case your employees steal from you.