Understanding How to Properly Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Small Business

Easy and cost effective ways to capitalize on small business marketing is by providing timely and relevant emails to your existing customer base. Skip the hard-sell just provides good useful information.

Creatively using your customer email list puts you in a position to inform your clients as to best use the products that they have already purchased from you. You will be able to up sell, by letting your business clients know of new and additional items that would piggy back well with already purchased products.

Customers will consistently turn to you for your product or services because they recognize you as a “go-to” source for good, relevant information.

Getting a Personal Trainer Liability Insurance Policy

You can get countless benefits from acquiring personal training insurance, and that is why there are many personal trainers who are now rushing to be insured. Before you join the race, you should know that there is a technique to get the policy much easier and for a lower cost. Much like any other policy you will come across, a personal trainer liability insurance policy is just the same. You also need to do substantial research and questioning to get the best deal right away.

Check for the specifics right from the start. The first thing that you will need as a personal trainer is something that will be able to guard you against possible lawsuits in the future. You want to be sure that in the event that you are sued by a client or even possibly the fitness center you are working in. The objective of having this is insurance is to have a financial backup that would be able to answer for the expenses you will incur when this kind of scenario occurs.

Don’t stop there, other things are also involved in the policy, and that is the reason why reading the fine print is also essential. There are particulars that you must look for such as legal and medical coverage. There are a number of companies that offer this product, and you must be able to evaluate the one that is perfect for you. These are just some of the things that you have to do before getting a personal trainer liability insurance policy.

3 Ways to Obtain Builders Risk Insurance -The Pros and Cons

Most smart contractors are aware of the importance of getting builders risk insurance for their projects.

Purchasing insurance policies for your projects doesn’t need to be difficult. Compared to the other project-related tasks involved with the construction itself, the process of getting builders risk insurance can be quite simple. There are 3 main ways for builders to get their buildings insured. You can select the one that is best for you.

1. Single Shot
This method is ideal for projects that take around a year to finish, or for contractors who do only a few projects a year. You should take note that this policy is neither refundable nor transferable regardless of whether the project is completed before the policy ends. This insurance policy requires reporting for each project separately.

2. Monthly Reporting
This method is ideal for volume-based contractors. Reporting is required only a month before the project starts. This type of insurance policy reporting is also ideal for contractors that take around 6 months to complete a project. The policies are good for 12 months and only new reports need to be reported.

3. Annual Reporting
This method may be the most ideal because it requires the least amount of work. Payment plans are commonly offered by construction insurance companies that present this kind of payment. For this method, you report an estimate of the projects you will be completing in a year, as well as projects that could possibly be still under construction until the following year. It’s acceptable to exceed the expected number of projects the following year, because your extra projects can be added by the time of audit.

5 Ways The Wrong Concrete Block Making Machine Will Sink Your Business

When you make concrete blocks for a living, the right concrete block making machine is everything. Don’t sell yourself short and buy the wrong one. This will cost you far more in time, money and headache than you gained in money saved upfront.

Do you want to sink your concrete block making business like, well, it’s tied to a concrete block? There are many ways to do it, but buying the wrong concrete block making machine has to be the top. See, without a concrete block making machine, all you have is a garage full of concrete and sand. With the right one, though, you have the ability to launch a profitable home based business that will produce income for you fr generations if you want it to. All you have to do is to make sure that you buy the right concrete block making machine from the start. What is the right concrete block making machine? How do you know when you have it? Well, in short, the right concrete block making machine will have three key ingredients. One, durability. Two, consistency. Three, low maintenance. This goes right to my point about how the wrong machine will kill your business, so let’s get right to it. I should warn you though, a couple of these steps will really make you look at how you do things, so be ready.

First, the wrong concrete block making machine will need too much maintenance. If you buy a great looking concrete block making machine that promises to churn out so many concrete blocks that it will make your head spin, be careful. Research the rate and necessity of maintenance for this machine. OHw often does it have to be down for repairs? What is that schedule? It’s very important.

Two, inconsistency. IF you get a concrete block making machine that needs little maintenance, but it does not make concrete blocks that are consistently the same size and strength, you are in a world of hurt. Your contractors are going to have a lot of complaints, and you probably won’t hold on to customers for long.

Three, it wont’ fit. This might surprise you, but a lot of people starting their concrete block making business don’t check the dimensions of their garage before they order. If they did, they would save themselves a ton of trouble.

Four, too loud. You have to check out the noise level on these machines. What are the neighbors going to say? Can you get them on your side?

Five, and this is kind of a trick question, it won’t fit with your local code. No concrete block machine is going to be the right one, if you have local code that says you can’t operate a business out of your garage.

Buy the right machine, and your business will last for years. You will have little grandchildren that will one day grow up making concrete blocks.

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