A Builders Risk Insurance Policy Could Be Your Security Parachute

Most everyone with a dab of common sense understands what the word “risk” means. In the construction business, whether you’re remodeling your home yourself or hiring a construction company to do the work, having a builder’s risk insurance policy is very important, because it indemnifies against damages to a property structure under construction or being renovated by the owner or other for-hire parties.   All this builders risk insurance policy stuff may sound a bit confusing, so let’s put in simple, easy to understand jargon.

If you have hired a third party contractor to construct or renovate a building and have suffered some type of negligence caused by the contractor, you have recourse thanks to the builders risk insurance policy. However, you, the owner, will still be responsible for most all other loses that occur. Builders risk insurance is really nothing more than a protection blanket to cover losses to the owner of the property, the building contractor involved, and any mortgage lien holder who’s on the title during the construction phase.

And in case you’re concerned as to exactly what the risk insurance policy covers, they are mostly targeted toward any losses via theft or accidental damages to the property prior to a final signoff approval by any legal city or county authorities. The risk policy is between the contractor and insurance company; ergo, the contractor is the party responsible for payment.

Using Surety Bonds to Guard Your Financial Presents

Surety bonds are not just something you can use in order to protect your financial future, they can be there to guard your financial present. If you have a variety of investments and some of those companies fall under financial distress because of scandal, you may be able to use a surety bond in order to recover some of your money.

The investors who held funds in Global Crossing during that company’s financial crisis of the 1990’s would have loved to have some sort of surety bond or other protection in order to recover of their money, that is following the scandal and subsequent meltdown. Most surety bonds are also able to protect against other human errors such as the non-delivery of a product that you ordered.

Is Your Poor Credit History Keeping You from Getting Bonded?

Surety bonds are required instruments for working in certain fields, and many contractors have been forced to find other places to work or other types of work simply because some element of bad credit in the past cropped up and stopped them from being able to acquire or renew their surety bond.

Many people consider surety bonds and insurance to be interchangeable, but while they function in similar ways from the client’s perspective, surety bonds are fundamentally different. There are no premiums, technically speaking, and the payout is handled solely in the case of bad work, uncompleted work, or damage done because of the work performed. Surety bonds are instruments of “making sure” the client. You could say that surety bonds “make sure” the client gets what they paid for. Surety bonds, again, are required, but are kept from many because of bad credit in the past. Well, no more!

There are companies who have seen this problem and have done something about it. By setting up financiers who are willing to work with contractors with bad credit (surety bonds really work more as a line of credit that is extended to the contractor), and streamlining the approval process, their new online application and renewal system is remaking the industry. Now, even contractors with bad credit can get the surety bonds they need to be able to work and provide for their family. Surety bonds will never be the same.

Why Hiring A Magician For Your Kids Party Shouldn’t Be Rocket Science?

So when you are looking for a new york magician for your kids birthday party, fear can quickly enter the picture. What if it all goes wrong? What if he doesn’t even show up? What if he shows up drunk? What if he performs inappropriate material for kids? How can you avoid not only the drama of the bad magician, but the mental stress of fearing to hire the wrong magician? How can you make sure your child’s birthday party has the right magician? Fortunately, you don’t have to fear, there are steps you can take to hire the right magician.

Magicians are a special breed, at least the ones that take their craft seriously. Magicians that entertain only kids are something even more special. You can entrust your kids entertainment to them, and that is not to be taken lightly. You can take some steps to make sure that you hire the right magician, and those start with research. You need to first ask around to parents you know for names of magicians they have used for their kids parties. The reason you start here is the simple fact that there are a huge number of magicians out there, at least in name. This is why it is so tough to find a good magician; it seems like everyone and their brother calls themselves a magician these days. Once you have a list of names, go ahead and take another step and check them out online. Specifically, read their reviews. Magicians that work steadily will have lots of clients out there, and those clients will have written reviews. The plethora of review sites and avenues ensures that your magician, and the magic tricks and magic shows he or she has done, will have been talked about many times. You can use this information to make your decision.

Finding the right magician to put on a memorable magic show for your kids birthday party is not impossible, it just takes a little digital elbow grease.

What You Need to Know before Applying for a Warehouseman Bond

Before applying for a Warehouseman Bond, you need to know an insurance broker. This person works with insurance companies that will cover your work for you if you are qualified to buy one of their insurance products known as a surety bond.

An insurance broker will make an evaluation of what type of company to ask for you to get a Warehouseman Bond after he has the following information.

  • He will want to know if you are the sole owner of your business or if you have partners. If you are the sole owner, he will want to know if you any other income besides the income that you make or plan to make from your work. If you have partners, he will want to know the same information about them.
  • He will ask to see your bank statements showing your savings and your company’s net worth.
  • He will want a list of your equipment and of condition of your equipment.
  • He will ask to see if your labor is hired from union labor or if you hire by advertising. If you are a corporation, he will want to see your state approved corporation identification numbers.

How Does Warehouseman Surety Bonds Help with Claims?

The issuer of the license surety bond has a business model of offering surety financial services to principal parties which have undergone a background credit check. License bond applicants pay some level of premium for the services on a regular basis. Customer claims are investigated by the surety bond issuer to determine the validity of the claim. Valid claims are paid to the customer by the issuer of the bond. The bond issuer is responsible to recover its costs and legal expenses from the principle party client in default.

Bonds like Warehouseman Surety Bonds and regular surety bonds have advantages to the customer and the principle party. The customer has a contract defining expectations with a secured bond. The customer and principle party have a defined means of handling claims and disputes equitably. The surety bond instrument offers the principle party some advantages in assets management.

New York Magicians Can Be Perfect for Your Kids Party

Finding the right magician can be like finding the ball that a good one made disappear. You may never find them. You may have felt like this if you have hired the wrong one in the past. All you have to do is look in the eyes of your eight-year-old to know whether this magician is the right one or not.

Magicians come in all colors of the rainbow, in a manner of speaking. All of them, of course, say that they are the exact right one to entertain your kids on their birthday. So how do you pick? Well here are some pointers.

Look online first, you can find out a lot just by searching the magicians name along with the city or community where he or she would have been working. You can also use your subdivision if they have worked a lot in your actual neighborhood. This will tell you a lot, as parents that have been angered by a poor performance will not be shy about telling people about it. Next, contact any of your parent friends who have children of similar ages, and find out if they have magicians they have used.

Remember, this magic show will be remembered by your child for the rest of their lives. All of us can vividly remember our first magic show, and some of us (like me ) still talk about that first trick.

Magic Shows Are a Great Way to Enjoy Life!

Magicians are known for mystery and illusion. Kids and adults alike enjoy attending magic shows, mostly because new york magicians restores a sense of mystery, surprise, and awe to life. How many of us have sat in a theater seat and gasped along with the rest of the audience when a car vanished, a helicopter appeared, or even watched as quarter after quarter materialized out of thin air?

Something about the art of illusion is beautiful and entertaining, and a successful magician can weave in humor and even a themed message without distracting from the theater of the show. But when, outside of getting tickets to a major production of a magic show, would we ever see a magician? The fact is, there are many opportunities for incorporating a magic show into your world.

Magicians provide great entertainment for birthday party ideas, banquets, school gatherings, church programs, and even library functions. Children’s magicians especially are prominent at these events, and are adept at weaving in special focus into their performance – whether that focus is on a guest of honor, or a message that a program is promoting.

Embrace your inner child and enjoy magic again – find a magician to perform at your next event!

Why IT Professionals Need Business Liability Insurance for Big Contracts?

In the information technology industry, a professional such as a web developer or site designer can be assigned a very important assignment as a part of a contractual agreement. For example, they could be told to set up a proper database for a bank website. A lot of money can be invested in these kind of projects. The big money projects are when having professional liability insurance for an IT professional can really come in handy. A lot of people store money, of course, in their bank accounts; so a lot of money can be on the line when you are working on a project such as this. The more money that is involved in the project, the more the IT tech professional needs affordable options when it comes to business liability insurance. One error on a bank website can lead to mass chaos and lawsuits. You really need this type of insurance for technology companies as coverage in order to protect yourself during these lawsuits.