Fun & Amazing Illusions with a Gospel Message for Kids

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People have wondered why professional Christian magician Todd McKinney uses magic to teach kids the ways of God and to have faith in Him. These are abstract concepts for kids, so how is he able to teach them without any trouble at all? Illusionist, Todd McKinney uses magic, illusion, as a way of relating to the kids and to let them have fun while they are learning.

A normal teacher would lecture and spoon-feed them the lessons of Christ, not realizing that the children don’t really understand the lessons and have occupied themselves with other things. By appealing to them through something they can enjoy and have fun with their other friends, kids will be able to remember and continue to learn about Christianity and develop their love for Jesus Christ. Todd McKinney designs his magic programs for children of all ages, tackling subjects like education and the love for learning, the Church and their faith in God, and even for the love of reading and using their imagination.

Rules of Thumb: 3 Things to Consider When Buying a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Insurance Policy

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Personal trainers are increasingly getting exposed to liabilities that may arise while on their jobs. Increasingly technical training sessions are rife with danger and clients sometimes hold personal trainers or fitness instructors liable for injuries they suffer or even psychological and property damage they experience. This is why more and more people are opting for personal trainer and fitness instructor insurance policies as a viable cover against potential risk.

Prior to buying a personal and fitness instructor insurance policy it is important that you consider several things carefully before making the final decision.

  • The first thing you have to consider is whether you have been able to carefully determine how much liability insurance you need. This is important because there are different types of personal trainer and different levels of risk. While some work as an employee, others have personal clients with their paid jobs, and still others own fitness clubs. Whatever it is, you have to decide how much large a personal trainer and fitness instructor insurance policy you will need.
  • Search for a company that has a reputation in the area you need coverage. It is better to pitch your tent with a company that has successfully settled similar fitness insurance claims in the past.
  • Are you a member of a fitness or personal trainer’s association? If so, you should make enquiries about the prospect of getting a group personal trainer and fitness instructor insurance policy, which will bring down the cost for you compared to get it individually.

If you want to learn more about the insurance policies, you may visit:

Tips on How to Find a Trusted Kids Magician for Your Event

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Having a special event for kids is fun but only if you have the right entertainer that you can trust to be around the kids. If you find the right magician for your kids birthday party, you will be a hero. If you do not, you will be the goat. That is an established fact. So how do you find the right magician? Finding the right magician is what it is all about, so why is it so hard? Finding a magician that can do magic tricks that kids like and that can actually engage the kids in his magic show is not an easy thing. It is not an easy thing to be a magician to kids in the first place.

Finding the right magician can seem like finding a needle in a stack of needles. You can see magicians all around you, every magician telling you that they are the magician for your kids party, but not being the right fit. What do you do? How do you go through all the magicians out there and find the magician that is going to leave your kids with the awe and wonder to give them the kinds of memories that you have as a kid from seeing your first magician? That’s a tall order, but here are a couple of thoughts on how to find the right magician for your kids party. Ask around to other parents you know have used a magician. If he was good, they will be all too happy to tell you about him. That is a great starting point for your search for the right magician.

Can You Get a High Risk Surety Bond?

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In this economy, bad credit is ruining everything. You have to have good credit to do just about anything, and surety bonds are no different. If you have bad credit, you can not get a surety bond. Or can you? In the past, bad credit has always kept you out of being able to get a surety bond, and this is how it has always been. Things are changing in the surety bond field, tho. There are some really great surety bond companies who are starting to offer surety bonds, and especially high risk surety bonds, for people with bad credit. So if you have bad credit, you are not alone. You have millions of people who also have bad credit and need surety bonds, and who now have relief.

If you are tired of feeling left out of the surety bond process, and you want to get your company back on track by getting a surety bond so that you can get the kinds of bids your company needs, you have good news. Now that you can get a surety bond and start getting your company to moving, there is even better news. Not only can you get a surety bond even with bad credit, you can also now get a surety bond, bad credit or not, faster than ever. These same surety bond companies that are offering surety bonds to bad credit folks are offering the ability to get a surety bond on line.

How Liability Insurance Coverage Helps Sports Fitness Instructors?

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You might have heard it many times that as a sports fitness instructor, you should have fitness instructor insurance. The reason being there is a high risk of injuries during the training session, and insurance provides you protection against any kind of accident or injury.

Let us have a look on the reasons why the fitness instructor insurance is a must have thing:

First of all, the insurance policy will help you to tackle with the claims of medical expenses by your client because of injury sustained during your training session. The client who is making the claim may also ask you to pay the amount spent on case filing. No matter what the claim is, if you are insured you should be relaxed and sure that the insurance company would be dealing with the matter properly.

One of the signs of a good fitness instructor insurance policy is that it also covers any damage to the place where the injury took place. This helps you a lot when you are having a rented workplace. If an accident occurs, in addition to the injuries of participants, there may be damage to the ground of the area used for training or equipment destruction (if it is also rented).

You may also be sued for lack of proper professionalism as a fitness instructor; there is besides an option of insurance policy that covers this type of issues.
Actually, by having a good sports insurance policy you are protecting yourself against any type of issue that may arise during your working tenure.

Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer Insurance Policy!

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Nowadays, the ratio of fitness conscious people is greatly increasing. The trend of getting services of a personal trainer is even more common and convenient. Because of this, many people pursue their career in this field. And this widens the variety of trainers available.

In order to survive in this growing field, you must secure yourself by getting an insurance policy. Therefore, fitness instructors need to purchase personal trainer insurance. While purchasing insurance policy, you must take care of the following points that help you to get the correct one according to your needs.

Having liability insurance is a must have thing. It serves you by protecting against any lawsuits and claims. Reviewing the policy according to your business is equally important to knowing that what your business actually needs. To be clear about each and everything about a policy that suit you the best thing is to consult an insurance expert.

There are many personal trainers’ insurance firms. Thus, one should get an opinion from the people having insurance policies, to know their level of satisfaction. Furthermore, to review the insurance policy in case of any pre-training or post-training session injury is very significant. Hospital expenses, legal expenses and twenty-four-hour protection are some of the important factors that must be covered.

If you are a member of personal trainer association, you can get the insurance policy at discounted rates. Being a part of this group is advantageous to all the group members as all the related policies cost low. It is worthy to note that if the trainer follows the best training code, the chances of injury are much reduced.

Choosing a School Assembly Program Presenter

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If you want to organize a school assembly program that can really help you in your endeavors on how you can make your students just not go with the flow but be exceptionally motivated in their academic endeavors. Mr. Todd McKinney of is what you need in order for you to have the best educational and motivational program that you can have. He is an expert in children educational and motivational entertainment. This is important because not everyone can get the attention of the kids so you have to really make a great effort in it.

But in his case, this is a natural talent for him to get their attention for you to be able to impart the knowledge and the lesson that you want to give to them. In this kind of industry, he had already 20 years of non stop experience in sharing values and knowledge to different schools across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. He personally goes to different location so you can really witness how he can change the attitude of your students from being a bully before to best friends forever.

This is a great achievement for any school to at least minimize this kind of incidence for them to be able to foster an environment of academic excellence. Having Mr. Todd at your side can really help your school in achieving its thrust to develop and mold the generation that will lead tomorrow. If you are still not convinced, check the recommendations and tons of testimonials and see for yourself.

Why a Janitorial Bond Makes So Much Sense?

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Janitorial bonds are very one dimensional.  If you own a cleaning services company, you peobably already know this.  They only protect against theft, and pay out the amount that is stolen.  So why should you even get a janitorial bond?  Can’t you just pay off any claim that comes up and be that much farther ahead by saving the money you would have paid the bond company?  On it’s face, that is perfect logic, since they only pay out the money stolen.  Look deeper, though, and you will see a different story.  See, most people won’t hire a cleaning company that does not have a janitorial bond.  WIth a janitorial bond on file, they are guaranteed to get paid if theft occurs. Without one, you could fold or leave the state with their money.  Janitorial bonds make a lot of sense.

Fenway Park History | Boston Red Sox Baseball Ballpark

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Celebrating Fenway Baseball Ballpark’s 100-year anniversary with information about how the stadium and the Boston Red Sox have changed since 1912.

  • Fenway Park’s ticket prices
  • Stadium usage and fans from 1912-2012
  • Most amazing Red Sox players over the last century
  • The legendary Left-field wall (Green Monster)
Fenway Park is Home of the Boston Red Sox Baseball Team

Fun Facts About Fenway Park’s History

Birthday Party Themes: Planning for Your Child’s Party

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Are you having a birthday party for your child? Creative kids birthday party ideas are very important to a great day. You have to get ready for every such as having to feed, entertain and take care of 20 little kids who are filled up on sugar can seem like a daunting task. At the same time, you want your child to enjoy his party and get a change to join in on the fun. With a little bit of planning you can have a great time along with the kids. The typical birthday party will last about 2-3 hours. Depending on your requirements, the typical timing for a birthday party would be: 30 minutes for guests’ arrival, 60 to 90 minutes for activities and entertainment and 45 minutes for cakes and food.

A theme is not needed in a party, but it will often help make the planning easier. Just like if your daughter love Barbie Dolls, a theme about that on her party would be great. Also if your son is into Star Wars, then you have a perfect theme for him. Many people will theme their parties around the entertainment they have planned. For example, a magician will be performing so the theme is MAGIC, a clown is coming to the party so it will be CLOWN or CIRCUS theme. As far as themes go, do not worry that absolutely everything at the party must fit the theme. A few decorations are fine, a theme cake is great, but there is no reason to get stressed-out because you cannot find an entertainer that does a Star Wars show to fit your theme. Remember that a party should be fun for everyone, including the party planner.

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