Important Facts about Surety Bonds

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A surety bond is an agreement between two parties, which ensures the safety of the rights of the customer in case any fraud or scam happens. The loan is given only after a guarantor is produced who becomes responsible for repayment in case the borrower fails to repay the amount. The companies get a surety bond signed by their newly recruit employees under which the employee signs a bond for a particular amount backed by a guarantor. If the employee leaves the organization after his employer has trained him on professional services or technology, which obviously has cost money to the employer, then the company can ask the guarantor to pay the money agreed upon in the bond. This protects the rights of the employer because if the employee leaves the organization without doing any productive work for the organization then there has to be some law that should protect the rights of the employer. The surety bonds serve this purpose. A Surety Bond ensures that the bonded party works efficiently for the benefit of the other party. However, the surety bonds are offered to any individual or organization against strong and healthy credentials only. A good background, debt free economical status is the pre-requisites to get a Surety bond.

How Does a High Risk Surety Bond Work with a Contractor Bond?

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When you need a contractor bond, but you have bad credit, how does that affect you?  Can you even get a contractor bond when you have bad credit?  What do you do to find these things out?  These are all common questions that face the contractor that finds himself in the unenviable position of having bad credit for the first time.  If this sounds like you, then you have to find the answer as fast as you can.  This tough economy makes for short timelines when it comes to things that affect your revenue.  Let’s start with the first part.

How does your newly acquired bad credit affect your ability to get a contractor bond?You have bad credit, and you need a contractor bond, so your first step is to find a good surety bond company that sells high risk surety bonds.  If they do, then they will probably sell high risk contractor bonds, too.  You have no worries in that case.  The trick is finding a surety bond company you can trust.  If you can’t trust your surety bond company to do what they say they will do, what do you do then?  Once you do, you are home free.
As far as your credit affecting your bond, you will find that it really doesn’t.  Once a surety bond company decides to stand behind you, you are golden.

How Do Auto Dealer Bonds Provide Protection for Me?

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You must have been wondering how auto dealer bonds work, and if they are one of those phony bond schemes or money-back guarantee schemes that you have watched on television. Do not wonder too far away, auto dealer bonds are a legal form of insurance policies that are issued by various states in order to protect buyers form the unscrupulous activities of car dealers.

When auto dealer bonds are bought the Bond Company usually evaluates the finances, credit and commercial status of the company and then sets a premium for the cost of the bond. There are often cases or scenarios when an auto dealer does not fulfill the warranty agreement that a buyer of a product was supposed to enjoy, the customer, therefore, suffers a form of financial loss in this regards due to wrong evaluation of the car. In this case, the customer will need to prove that he has suffered some form of loss. A copy of a contract written agreement and a comprehensive information about the losses is usually required.

Normally a customer is deemed to have provided enough documentations if he or she provides a written bill of sale, proof of cash deposit, contract between the buyer and the dealer or a copy of contract. After the documentation, the claim will be evaluated and if the customer is deemed to have suffered any loss, the customer will be reimbursed up to the value of the coverage provided by the bond.

Discover How a Dishonesty Bond Could save Your Business

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If you are a small business owner, you may or may not have heard of a dishonesty bond.  They are not the best known surety bond out there, but they just might be the most important if the worst happens to your business.  There are several pieces of information you deserve to know about if you are going to make a informed decision about dishonestly bonds.  Keep in mind, if you don’t, it could mean shutting your doors.  Let me explain.

The worst thing you could have happen as a business owner is for an employee you trust to steal from you.  The only thing worse is for that to be a large amount.  This is where dishonesty bonds come in.  Here are 2 ways a dishonesty bond can save your business.

First, by the coverage.  This might shock you, but you can get around 100,000.00 of coverage for as little as 300.00 if your ducks line up right.  That is a huge amount of leverage, and you should make it available to your small business.

Second, a dishonesty bond can save your business by making it more attractive to investors or a purchaser.  If someone is valuing your business, and they see that you have taken the precaution of putting a dishonesty bond in place, that makes your company that much more valuable.  It also shows you to be a very prudent business owner.

Pay Attention to Your Surety Bond Requirements

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Surety bonds serve a necessary purpose, we all know that. The government demands that we have them; everyone knows that, too. What everyone also knows is that dealing with getting a surety bond is a major pain in the neck. You go through all the hassle of dealing with the paper work, only to find out, days later, that you have been turned down because of your credit! Who needs that kind of mental torture?

The great news is that there are companies out there who remove all of the headache and hassle from the process of securing surety bonds for you. All you do is register with them, and they have a quick turn-around process that can be accomplished many times in less than twenty-four hours. They even have a instant approval process that completes everything you need to have done online, then emails you the bond! How would that feel to not have to worry with all of the normal paperwork and keeping up with who put what where, and when am I going to get this in the mail, when can I start actually making money at this business, among all the other questions. One easy click of your mouse, and a little information providing, and you are on your merry way. No more worrying, no more hassle, no more waiting! And if you have bad credit, you are not left out in the cold, there are companies with programs for you, too.

In short, don’t be caught short when it comes to your surety bonds. There are people out there with your best interest at heart, and they are FAST!

Step by Step Guide to Getting an Employment Agency Surety Bond

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An employment agency surety bond is a form of a surety bond that is required by the government from all employment agencies before obtaining licenses that will allow them to practice are issued. Getting an employment agency surety bond is not as complicated as some people think, although knowing about some basic steps will massively help in the process.

  • The first step necessary for anybody that is ready to get an employment agency surety bond is to visit the state capital of its business and request for information about getting a private employment surety bond. The process is often uncomplicated and will require that a form is filled after which the stipulated fees are paid.
  • Anytime you visit your state capital for information, always look out for the labour department as most of these processes are carried out there, or else there is none at your state office.
  • Confirm from your processing officers if you need the third party assistance to get a surety bond; this is necessary as some cases require that a form of guarantor or reference is provided. Furthermore, there are peculiar cases where some forms of insurance policies are needed before this bond is finally issued. Generally, most of these additional requirements are set for companies that have high default risk or bad credit history.
  • Always ensure that the rules and regulations of both local and state regulatory institutions have been duly followed. Case of regular and consistent violations by applying agencies may result in denied application for the employment agency surety bond.

Public Adjuster Surety Bonds: What Are They All About?

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Public adjusters are insurance professionals who specialize in interviewing a claimant or witness, also going to police and hospital records if need be. They also inspect damaged properties in a bid to ascertain the extent of a company’s liability. Completing the preparation of a property damage claim is something that is considered unfamiliar territory for most home owners but this is where public adjusters excel heavily. The constituents of a public adjuster surety bond include technical terms like actual cash value, replacement costs and depreciation. All of these are terms that the policy holder will not understand, and this is where a trained claims-adjuster comes in.

Other things that the adjuster can handle are property claims involving damage to buildings and structures or liability claims involving motor vehicle accidents, slips, falls, negligent behavior etc. public adjusters that handle both types of claims are known as multi-line adjusters. There are also all line adjusters that handle any type of claims, which include professional liability. There are also all line adjusters; these specialize in all types of claims.

For a public adjuster to get licensed however, he or she needs to get a public adjuster bond. The surety bond is a sort of legal binding contract that shows that the adjuster would abide by the laws and regulations guiding the business. To qualify for a public adjuster bond however, the adjuster needs to show a good credit history. This is apart from other screenings that will be required by the bonding house. It must be noted, however, that some states do not have this down as a compulsory requirement to getting licensed. You need to crosscheck, however, to see what the requirements for your state are.

Why to Hire Service Providers That Are Bonded?

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The consumer should want to have service providers who have a surety bond for the protection it affords them in case of a problem with work quality. They should be informed that the bond represents a badge of reliability and pride in workmanship. It is a selling point the bond holder can bring into any conversation about reliability and quality work. Having a surety bond is helpful to both parties in the transaction. The bond holder can use that fact as a selling point and pride point. The consumer will want to know that they have a worker or company who has passed the standards to obtain the surety bond. You should always make sure a company is bonded before you just hire them.

The Relationship between Credit and Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

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The auto dealership is a business niche in which a person can make good money. Obviously, one usually has to start from the bottom, but progress can be made quickly if you work hard.

When starting your new venture, there are a number of legal regulations you will need to comply with to get a license to operate. A requirement that can be annoying is the acquisition of motor vehicle dealer bonds. These bonds provide security for the state and consumers in case you are found to be out of compliance with the law or go out of business.

Motor vehicle dealer bonds are easy to get if you have good credit. Depending on your state, they can be obtained for less than $200. That being said, a person with bad credit will not be so fortuitous. One will typically not be rejected when applying, but the rates involved are going to be much higher than if you had good credit. Keep this in mind when preparing your business plan.

Questions You Should Ask When Getting a Product Liability Insurance

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Product liability insurance has become one of the most sought-after insurance products in the world, with the new wave of mass production that is being complimented with mass consumption, manufacturing companies are now increasingly exposed to big lawsuits and massive class action cases that may arise when manufactured products hurt consumers in any way thinkable.

Due to the complexities that may arise with product liability claims, businesses are also getting smarter about choosing the right insurance products. Here are few questions that should be asked by any business exec before choosing product liability insurance.

What exactly does product liability protect against?

Product liability insurance will protect you against any liabilities that may arise from the use of the product manufactured by your company. It covers you against compensations awarded when damages arise through the use of your product. It also covers against unforeseen circumstances, which may include product faults (remember the Toyota product recall).

How much premium will I have to pay?

Premiums always vary, it is usually calculated based on the amount of risk exposure, number of employees, the location of your business and the recent history of accidents or similar incidents that might have or have led to law cases. As a business owner or representative you have to make sure that the premium, you will be paying for an insurance product will be commensurate with your financial strength.

How safe are we?

Instead of exposing yourself to high premium rates, you should make sure that your company is following industry safety standards, recruiting experienced workers and procuring best industrial equipment, so that your chances of being liable will be minimal.

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