Magical Fun, Magical Entertainment for Children

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For centuries, children have loved magic. Since Merlin, anything magical fascinates children. Today’s kids are no different, although a bit more savvy about their preferences for the types of magic they love most. A Dallas magician will provide fun entertainment. But, they also are a great vehicle for holding children’s attention. The younger the child, the less attention span a magician will capture. For very young children, magic tricks should be geared to their age level as well as provide a sense of the spectacular. For pre-teens, a magician entertains on their level by providing more advanced magical tricks that require children to feel they are seeing something that has never been done before.

Magic shows that don’t inspire a child’s imagination perform to a more restless audience. When their audience is breathlessly silent, it’s a surefire hit. Many magicians choose a central theme to their magic. Update the old stand-by “Bunny Out of the Hat” trick for savvy kids. The most popular magic tricks as those in which a “disappearing act”, an old standard, includes the disappearance of multiple objects simultaneously. Magic tricks involving the audience are also very popular. This is a great way to maintain attention, especially with younger children.

Things That No Longer Work For Children’s Magicians

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While there were some things that use to work for children’s magicians in the past, these things no longer work today. This is why you need to watch some of today’s most successful children’s magicians to see what is working for them. These magicians understand that today’s children are quite savvy. However, they are not use to the cues that take place in a live performance. For instance, they are not use to applauding. Therefore applause cues are not going to work with them. Instead it will result in a lot of uncomfortable silence for both you and your audience.

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Magician for Your Library Program

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A lot of librarians commit three common mistakes when hiring a magician for the first time. Even though it is your first time, you can hire the right magician for your library program by learning from these mistakes and avoiding them.

When hiring a professional magician for your library program, do not just get the phone book, open it, call the first number on the list, and hire him. This it first mistake that most librarians commit, which should not be encouraged. Of course, you do not want the children to suffer from poor performance and, at the same time, regret hiring the magician.

Similarly, you should avoid hiring the magician ahead of time, unless you have hired him before or another librarian recommended how good he is. You need to do sufficient research to ensure that all bases are covered. Interview the magician to check how professional he is. Make sure that the magician for your library program is professional. Look for the 3 P’s — punctual, prepared, and precise.

More importantly, make a research before hiring a magician for your library program. Verify with other librarians who already hired him how his performance went and how he interacted with the children during the program. Check with other parents and children who attended the programs. You can also ask the magician for references. If he does not want to give you any information, you should start looking for another magician for your library program.

Hiring a magician for your library program will never be easy, but it will always be worth it when you hired the right one. But when you see the eyes of the little children when the magician starts to pull off his tricks, you will realize that all the effort you spent in looking for the right magician for the library program has paid off.

Fun & Amazing Illusions with a Gospel Message for Kids

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People have wondered why professional Christian magician Todd McKinney uses magic to teach kids the ways of God and to have faith in Him. These are abstract concepts for kids, so how is he able to teach them without any trouble at all? Illusionist, Todd McKinney uses magic, illusion, as a way of relating to the kids and to let them have fun while they are learning.

A normal teacher would lecture and spoon-feed them the lessons of Christ, not realizing that the children don’t really understand the lessons and have occupied themselves with other things. By appealing to them through something they can enjoy and have fun with their other friends, kids will be able to remember and continue to learn about Christianity and develop their love for Jesus Christ. Todd McKinney designs his magic programs for children of all ages, tackling subjects like education and the love for learning, the Church and their faith in God, and even for the love of reading and using their imagination.

Tips on How to Find a Trusted Kids Magician for Your Event

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Having a special event for kids is fun but only if you have the right entertainer that you can trust to be around the kids. If you find the right magician for your kids birthday party, you will be a hero. If you do not, you will be the goat. That is an established fact. So how do you find the right magician? Finding the right magician is what it is all about, so why is it so hard? Finding a magician that can do magic tricks that kids like and that can actually engage the kids in his magic show is not an easy thing. It is not an easy thing to be a magician to kids in the first place.

Finding the right magician can seem like finding a needle in a stack of needles. You can see magicians all around you, every magician telling you that they are the magician for your kids party, but not being the right fit. What do you do? How do you go through all the magicians out there and find the magician that is going to leave your kids with the awe and wonder to give them the kinds of memories that you have as a kid from seeing your first magician? That’s a tall order, but here are a couple of thoughts on how to find the right magician for your kids party. Ask around to other parents you know have used a magician. If he was good, they will be all too happy to tell you about him. That is a great starting point for your search for the right magician.

Choosing a School Assembly Program Presenter

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If you want to organize a school assembly program that can really help you in your endeavors on how you can make your students just not go with the flow but be exceptionally motivated in their academic endeavors. Mr. Todd McKinney of is what you need in order for you to have the best educational and motivational program that you can have. He is an expert in children educational and motivational entertainment. This is important because not everyone can get the attention of the kids so you have to really make a great effort in it.

But in his case, this is a natural talent for him to get their attention for you to be able to impart the knowledge and the lesson that you want to give to them. In this kind of industry, he had already 20 years of non stop experience in sharing values and knowledge to different schools across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. He personally goes to different location so you can really witness how he can change the attitude of your students from being a bully before to best friends forever.

This is a great achievement for any school to at least minimize this kind of incidence for them to be able to foster an environment of academic excellence. Having Mr. Todd at your side can really help your school in achieving its thrust to develop and mold the generation that will lead tomorrow. If you are still not convinced, check the recommendations and tons of testimonials and see for yourself.

Things to Consider before Hiring a Kids Entertainer

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In choosing entertainment for your kids birthday party event, determining its specific needs will really help. You want to look for entertainers who can tell you specifically what benefits they will offer for your event, and how those benefits will fill your unique needs. If ever an entertainer that you’ve talked to can’t communicate clearly and directly how he or she can fill your needs, then maybe he or she may not have your needs in mind. Make sure if your going to hire an entertainer, completely clear out all specific needs that an entertainer will be providing, and it should be spelled out in a written agreement. You can find a lots of entertainers in the yellow pages or on the Internet. But of course, never assume that the ones with the biggest ad will be the best.

As with any other service professional, make sure they have experience and good references. Any quality entertainer should be able to provide you with background credits, testimonials, and reference letters from past clients. Don’t let the price be the deciding factor when it comes to hiring an entertainer. It is also important that an entertainer that you hired not only provides a fun filled, lively experience, but also that none of your guests are put off or offended in any way. So when you hire an entertainer make sure you’re clear and specific about your needs.

Ideas for Keeping Kids Entertained at a Birthday Party

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If you have been planning a birthday party there is a good chance you are trying to come up with some creative birthday party ideas that will keep the kids entertained throughout the day.  Party games are about keeping the kids entertained. You don’t have to choose too many games just for the purpose of awarding the winner, because the outcome of it is that the majority are left out. Team games are actually better when it comes to children’s party, in this way team will win rather than just one individual. To do this, you should create different set of teams in every activity, and the kids would have fun and learn to have a bonding with other friends. Also try and select a combination of running games and other quieter games.

You should also remember that there are certain birthday party game ideas which would be great for children, but can be boring for the adults and other guests. You need to carefully consider what you think the participants would enjoy. The greatness of the birthday party game idea, after all, is judged by the people who participate. For a lot of adults, adding just a hint of naughtiness can make a birthday party game idea truly great. However, for the kids, the games need to be easy and fun. Before using a birthday party game idea, try to think of the pros and cons to help you decide. Coming up with great birthday party game ideas might be challenging but you can be sure that the end result will be worth it.

Why Hiring A Magician For Your Kids Party Shouldn’t Be Rocket Science?

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So when you are looking for a new york magician for your kids birthday party, fear can quickly enter the picture. What if it all goes wrong? What if he doesn’t even show up? What if he shows up drunk? What if he performs inappropriate material for kids? How can you avoid not only the drama of the bad magician, but the mental stress of fearing to hire the wrong magician? How can you make sure your child’s birthday party has the right magician? Fortunately, you don’t have to fear, there are steps you can take to hire the right magician.

Magicians are a special breed, at least the ones that take their craft seriously. Magicians that entertain only kids are something even more special. You can entrust your kids entertainment to them, and that is not to be taken lightly. You can take some steps to make sure that you hire the right magician, and those start with research. You need to first ask around to parents you know for names of magicians they have used for their kids parties. The reason you start here is the simple fact that there are a huge number of magicians out there, at least in name. This is why it is so tough to find a good magician; it seems like everyone and their brother calls themselves a magician these days. Once you have a list of names, go ahead and take another step and check them out online. Specifically, read their reviews. Magicians that work steadily will have lots of clients out there, and those clients will have written reviews. The plethora of review sites and avenues ensures that your magician, and the magic tricks and magic shows he or she has done, will have been talked about many times. You can use this information to make your decision.

Finding the right magician to put on a memorable magic show for your kids birthday party is not impossible, it just takes a little digital elbow grease.