2 Simple and Unique Advantages of an Auto Dealer Bond

You may have heard about the “extortionate” costs of good auto dealership centers and are now wondering why not patronize the ‘street sides’ that are illegally run by your mechanics or even friends. Unless you love spending your money at the fancy lounges in Vegas, and of course, you are used to losing your hard-earned dollars, then you should always seek a dealership that is legal and has an auto dealership bond.

An auto dealer bond ensures that you, as a customer that buys a new or used vehicle from a licensed and bonded company, will be able to make a claim if you suffer any loss. Here are two everyday situations where an auto dealer bond can save your money.

Odometer tampering: Since there are increasing numbers of people that buy fairly used cars, this advantage is very important to say the least. The worth of a car is partly determined by how many miles are read on the vehicle, essentially more mileages mean that the car and its parts have gone through more wear and tear, when a car dealer, therefore, turns back the odometer a customer will be deceived about the cost of the car and thus overpay. auto dealer surety bonds will compensate these customers for the fraudulent behavior of the seller.

Failing to maintain the contract terms: Car purchases, like most other valued products, have warranty agreements, buyer protection clauses and other incentives that may accrue to the buyer. If and when such contracts are breached by the dealer and promises made to the customer are not fulfilled, then the customer may suffer a measure of loss in terms of cost or value he has paid for the product. Auto dealer bonds, therefore, ensure the buyer is repaid for these losses.