2 Tests Your Organic Skin Care Product Should Pass With Flying Colors

There are lots of tests out there for your organic skin care product. Whether it’s making you look good, feels good on your skin, etc…there are really only two tests that matter. If your organic skin care product does not pass these two, then you are out of luck. You can bet that you are ingesting lots of chemicals and hormones that you had no intention (or idea, for that matter) of doing. IS that what you want from your skin care products? IF not, then you need to think about buying only certified organic skin care products. That’s the only way you will avoid this, even if you buy “organic“. Here’s why.

Your “organic” skin care products have to be able to pass two critical tests. If they don’t they probably aren’t organic. I’ll explain.

First, they should pass the “read it” test. If you can’t readily read the list of your ingredients on the back of your skin care product because there are so many 7 syllable and hyphenated words, then you are dealing with a boatload of chemicals. This is not what you want.

Second, the “eat it” test. Since certified organic skin care products are made up of only organic and all natural ingredients, you can eat them. They may not taste good, but you won’t get sick. Think about that; if your skin care products will make you sick, should you spread them on your skin?