2 Types Of Magicians To Avoid Hiring At All Costs For Your Kids Party

When you are trying to find the right magician to hire for your kids party, you have a lot to think about. Male? Female? Tall? Short? Uses animals? Doesn’t use animals? These are all important, but I believe there are two kinds of new york magicians you want to avoid hiring at all costs for your kids party, regardless of all these other considerations. I’ll explain.

Your first concern when you hire your magician is whether he is serious or not. If your magician is serious about what he does, you will probably get a great magic show. If not, probably not. How do you know if they are serious? Read on.

The first kind of magician you don’t want to hire is a part time magician. This should be obvious, but I continue to be surprised by how many people keep making this basic mistake. If a magician is part time, it is almost certain that they are using it as a hobby. You don’t want a hobbyist, you want a professional magician. Professional magicians are committed.

Second, don’t hire a clown that also does magic. if you do, you are getting a magician that probably can’t sell his services only as a magician. Maybe he isn’t good enough. Maybe he can’t entertain the kids. What ever it is, there is almost no way a professional magician will water down his act by being a clown.