Are You Using Advertising to Properly Get Your Small Business in front of Your Prospects?

Advertising and marketing is a tool that every small business owner should use to properly position their company in front of their ideal customer. I’m sure you know that having a plan in business is critical and part of that small business tips for a marketing plan should include the systematic harvesting of testimonials and referrals from your paying customers. A testimonial can be one of the most powerful small business marketing tools available to you. It doesn’t cost you anything, and if your customers are pleased with the service or product they’ve received from your company, they will probably give you a testimonial quite happily. A great, simple and free marketing idea you can implement easily into your small business marketing plan is to include testimonials from happy customers on your website. Your past customers can act as salespeople for you, promoting your product without you having to make cold calls or spend more marketing dollars on advertising. A small business that’s fueled by referrals can be a very successful one. The best way to get referrals from your past customers is simply by asking for them. As part of your small business marketing budget, include a referral reward to customers and colleagues that recommend you to others. Offering a reward isn’t necessary, but you will probably find you receive more referrals if you offer a cash reward.