Don’t Let Your Bad Credit Stop You From Getting The Surety Bond You Need

Surety bonds get you jobs. Bad credit keeps you from getting a surety bond. See how this can be a problem? If you are struggling with bad credit, you are not alone. This economy has put many thousands of contractors into that categoyr, many for the first time. If you have felt the sting off rejection because of your credit, you don’t have to any more. There are some great surety bond companies out there now who are starting to offer surety bonds to people with bad credit. These are called High Risk Surety Bonds, and they will coost you more, but with the alternative being losing out on bids worth tens of thousands of dollars, the choice is pretty clear. So where do you find these companies, and how do you know whether or not you are talking to an ethical surety bond agent? You could get ripped off, after all, right?

These are good questions, and you need to be aware of bad surety bond agents, to be sure. There are a couple of quick questions you can ask to separate teh sheep from the goats. First, ask to talk to other clients. That will clear up real quick whether you are dealing with a good guy or not. Second, ask questions that are very specific to the kin do f surety bond you are dealing with. This will show you if your agent is trying to just make the sale. Bad sign.