Important Facts about Surety Bonds

A surety bond is an agreement between two parties, which ensures the safety of the rights of the customer in case any fraud or scam happens. The loan is given only after a guarantor is produced who becomes responsible for repayment in case the borrower fails to repay the amount. The companies get a surety bond signed by their newly recruit employees under which the employee signs a bond for a particular amount backed by a guarantor. If the employee leaves the organization after his employer has trained him on professional services or technology, which obviously has cost money to the employer, then the company can ask the guarantor to pay the money agreed upon in the bond. This protects the rights of the employer because if the employee leaves the organization without doing any productive work for the organization then there has to be some law that should protect the rights of the employer. The surety bonds serve this purpose. A Surety Bond ensures that the bonded party works efficiently for the benefit of the other party. However, the surety bonds are offered to any individual or organization against strong and healthy credentials only. A good background, debt free economical status is the pre-requisites to get a Surety bond.

Why You Should Not Operate a Business without Liability Insurance

With the deteriorating economical condition, more people are trying to get money in ways they wouldn’t have dreamed of a few years ago. Some people do it simply because they feel that they deserve it. They don’t see it as money coming from your pocket.

Trying to operate a business without commercial insurance coverage is like driving an uninsured vehicle on a crowded turnpike, in a storm with no head lights! All it takes is one simple mistake or one freak accident to completely ruin your life and your business.

If you have a home business and you’re assuming that everything is covered under your home owners policy, you’d better check it again; and most likely your business may not be covered. Most business insurance policies can be purchased from the same company you have your homeowners policy with, but you will probably not find them on the same policy.

Business insurance is usually less expensive than other types of insurance. The premiums are always deductible on your taxes as a business expense even if you just have a home business. Fires, hurricanes, floods and other storms can be disastrous to your business, as well. If you are insured you will, at the very least, have a hope of starting again.

Why Tech Professionals Need Solid Options When It Comes to Work-related Liability Risks

An IT professional needs business professional liability technology-related insurance in the same way a doctors needs to be able to purchase medical liability insurance. Both professions are important and in fact vital to the health of the economy and need affordable options when it comes to insurance.  If an IT professional in Huntsville, Alabama has signed a contract with NASA and yet an angry administrator of NASA tries to break the contract by paying the information technology professional less in order to save costs, the IT professional should be prepared to fight this. The IT professional could use their business liability insurance as an IT professional to fight this unfair issue conducted by NASA for example. You will need plenty of affordable business liability insurance in order to fight the high-priced attorneys which NASA can afford.

How Does a High Risk Surety Bond Work with a Contractor Bond?

When you need a contractor bond, but you have bad credit, how does that affect you?  Can you even get a contractor bond when you have bad credit?  What do you do to find these things out?  These are all common questions that face the contractor that finds himself in the unenviable position of having bad credit for the first time.  If this sounds like you, then you have to find the answer as fast as you can.  This tough economy makes for short timelines when it comes to things that affect your revenue.  Let’s start with the first part.

How does your newly acquired bad credit affect your ability to get a contractor bond?You have bad credit, and you need a contractor bond, so your first step is to find a good surety bond company that sells high risk surety bonds.  If they do, then they will probably sell high risk contractor bonds, too.  You have no worries in that case.  The trick is finding a surety bond company you can trust.  If you can’t trust your surety bond company to do what they say they will do, what do you do then?  Once you do, you are home free.
As far as your credit affecting your bond, you will find that it really doesn’t.  Once a surety bond company decides to stand behind you, you are golden.

Understanding How Bonds Such as a Surety Bond Works

Surety bond is a contract between two parties. The principle states as a person or company who gets into contractual obligation with another person or client.

The client being a recipient of the contract gets into mutual contract with the principal.

The company guarantees to reimburse the client if the principal fails to make the payment.

Applying for a surety bond with companies: Before getting into contract with the company for applying surety bonds we need to make analysis on the following: whether the company has good credit, its financial positions, it is trustworthy and reliable etc., after obtaining such details we need to apply for surety bonds as per legal compliance.

Some Important Measures To Be Taken with Builders Risk Insurance

A builders risk insurance policy serves as short-term property insurance to ensure the safety of the house or building that is under construction. The jeopardy against which the insurance is sought includes larceny, burn, vandalism and other natural calamities like earthquake, tempest and floods, etc. This type of insurance is not for the owner of the property but for the builders in order to secure the property.

It is highly recommended that you apply for risk insurance for any property construction jobs for coverage against loss of materials and the damage.  It must be remembered that you had better not to entrust it to the property owner. The unbecoming consequence it will bring is that the property owner to which you have mistakenly entrusted the coverage will possibly fail to remember to take it out properly or a policy with insufficient treatment might also be bought by him.

You must think and presuppose that the loss will be too drastic to be indemnified if the policy does not include the ‘collapse’ implementation. For instance, you have a newly constructed house or building and during the last moments of construction work, it collapses into debris, you will feel shocked to know that policy does not support ‘collapse’ postulate. Therefore, a complete analysis of the probabilities is essential before buying builders risk insurance.

The enhanced builders risk plans permit treatment to be broadened to model homes and model home categories. Besides, they permit re-coverage of an unsold building or house in an account for a next year at no increment in fee.

Do You Think You Know All about Mortgage Broker Bonds?

Most people might have heard something about mortgage bonds in the past; it is a cliche that has become more popular just as the mortgage market has increased in popularity in recent times.

In recent years, the mortgage market has become a veritable tool of investment among many people looking out to make money. Of course, millions of people seeking to own a home have also taken up a facility in the mortgage market.

A mortgage is the loan or facility that is collected when a person is willing to buy a home or house. It requires that the borrower bring a promissory note which will be used in form of a collateral that the money will be paid back with the accumulated interest as and when due.

Most of the time the money needed from these mortgage lending institutions is not available, but they in turn go out to larger financial institutions to source credit. The mortgage lender will therefore be required to submit all the pending mortgage contracts for which money is needed, together as one package, in return for a mortgage broker bond that will be issued by the financial institution.

The financial institution uses the mortgage bond to buy the mortgage contracts from the mortgage lending institution in return for a monthly fee. The whole process is therefore meant to assist the mortgage lender with the money it will require for its mortgage applications, while the larger financial institution gets interest from the monthly payment that will be made by the borrower.

How Do Auto Dealer Bonds Provide Protection for Me?

You must have been wondering how auto dealer bonds work, and if they are one of those phony bond schemes or money-back guarantee schemes that you have watched on television. Do not wonder too far away, auto dealer bonds are a legal form of insurance policies that are issued by various states in order to protect buyers form the unscrupulous activities of car dealers.

When auto dealer bonds are bought the Bond Company usually evaluates the finances, credit and commercial status of the company and then sets a premium for the cost of the bond. There are often cases or scenarios when an auto dealer does not fulfill the warranty agreement that a buyer of a product was supposed to enjoy, the customer, therefore, suffers a form of financial loss in this regards due to wrong evaluation of the car. In this case, the customer will need to prove that he has suffered some form of loss. A copy of a contract written agreement and a comprehensive information about the losses is usually required.

Normally a customer is deemed to have provided enough documentations if he or she provides a written bill of sale, proof of cash deposit, contract between the buyer and the dealer or a copy of contract. After the documentation, the claim will be evaluated and if the customer is deemed to have suffered any loss, the customer will be reimbursed up to the value of the coverage provided by the bond.

How Fitness Instructor Insurance Can Cover Damage to Gym Property and More

Why would a fitness instructor need a fitness instructor insurance policy? I mean… most of the time, a fitness trainer works in either a gym or a client’s home… so why would they need a policy in place? After all… most gyms have their own liability policy in place, and most homeowners have liability on their homes.

The truth is, though, that fitness instructor insurance protects a trainer against claims made against them personally. For example, if a client is injured while working with a trainer, they can sue both the fitness facility and the trainer for the damages arising from that injury. Damages could be related to medical expenses incurred, loss of wages due to injury, or even emotional distress.

But clients aren’t the only plaintiffs who can sue a fitness trainer. A gym facility could also request that a trainer pay for repairs on a facility when damage is caused by a personal trainer – either by their negligence or by their mistake. So personal training insurance protects a trainer against both client claims and claims made by the facility in which they work.

For trainers who are self-employed and who rent space in a facility, this is especially important. Personal trainers who are employees are sometimes (but not always) protected by the gym’s own insurance policy; however, every trainer – whether self-employed or employed by a fitness facility – should read the fine print and determine whether or not they are covered sufficiently by their fitness facilities insurance policy.

Discover How a Dishonesty Bond Could save Your Business

If you are a small business owner, you may or may not have heard of a dishonesty bond.  They are not the best known surety bond out there, but they just might be the most important if the worst happens to your business.  There are several pieces of information you deserve to know about if you are going to make a informed decision about dishonestly bonds.  Keep in mind, if you don’t, it could mean shutting your doors.  Let me explain.

The worst thing you could have happen as a business owner is for an employee you trust to steal from you.  The only thing worse is for that to be a large amount.  This is where dishonesty bonds come in.  Here are 2 ways a dishonesty bond can save your business.

First, by the coverage.  This might shock you, but you can get around 100,000.00 of coverage for as little as 300.00 if your ducks line up right.  That is a huge amount of leverage, and you should make it available to your small business.

Second, a dishonesty bond can save your business by making it more attractive to investors or a purchaser.  If someone is valuing your business, and they see that you have taken the precaution of putting a dishonesty bond in place, that makes your company that much more valuable.  It also shows you to be a very prudent business owner.