Two Dangers You Can Avoid By Using Organic Baby Powder Rather Than Talc Powder

Organic baby powder has obvious benefits. Made with only organic or all natural ingredients, it will not cause any adverse reactions due to toxins or chemicals. There are, however, advantages you may not realize at first. Awful words such as pneumonia and granuloma come from the inhalation of talc powder. Guess what all the leading baby powders have in them? That’s right, talc. Talc is known to be related to asbestos, and is very harmful in the lungs. Don’t let your baby inhale this toxin. Organic baby powders, and especially usda certified organic skin care products have the far superior distinction of being made with at least 95% all organic ingredients, and the other 5% have to come from all natural products. If your baby powder does not measure up to that, you should reconsider.