Direct Marketing Tips for Small Business

You may be under the impression that Direct Marketing has gone the way of the dinosaur. While web and online small business marketing strategies are in the spotlight, Direct Marketing has its well established place.

Small business direct marketing is invaluable if you proceed carefully.  Effective copy, ad space and lead generating letters can still be a valuable tool to a small business owner.  It is not impossible, and either you should have the talent that it takes to get a direct marketing campaign off the ground or hire someone to get it into your client’s hands. 

By selling your client what they want before they know that they want it, you are one step ahead of the marketing game. A direct marketing campaign that makes this goal the focus will be you’re most successful.

Direct marketing will always be part of a well-integrated marketing plan.  Online marketing may take center stage because it can be very budget friendly; it also means that your competition to get into mailboxes will be reduced.  By marketing to long time, established clients, you will be recognized as a trusted source and statistically will open your mailers. You need to address their needs immediately by focusing on products that they have expressed an interest in in the past.

This is a convenient time to introduce a new product that feeds off of their past purchases from you. Remind them of who you are and how you served them well in the past.

Your past history as a trusted friend will open doors and recipients will open your direct marketing mailers.