How Fitness Instructor Insurance Can Cover Damage to Gym Property and More

Why would a fitness instructor need a fitness instructor insurance policy? I mean… most of the time, a fitness trainer works in either a gym or a client’s home… so why would they need a policy in place? After all… most gyms have their own liability policy in place, and most homeowners have liability on their homes.

The truth is, though, that fitness instructor insurance protects a trainer against claims made against them personally. For example, if a client is injured while working with a trainer, they can sue both the fitness facility and the trainer for the damages arising from that injury. Damages could be related to medical expenses incurred, loss of wages due to injury, or even emotional distress.

But clients aren’t the only plaintiffs who can sue a fitness trainer. A gym facility could also request that a trainer pay for repairs on a facility when damage is caused by a personal trainer – either by their negligence or by their mistake. So personal training insurance protects a trainer against both client claims and claims made by the facility in which they work.

For trainers who are self-employed and who rent space in a facility, this is especially important. Personal trainers who are employees are sometimes (but not always) protected by the gym’s own insurance policy; however, every trainer – whether self-employed or employed by a fitness facility – should read the fine print and determine whether or not they are covered sufficiently by their fitness facilities insurance policy.