What You Need to Know about Freight Broker Bonds

Freight brokers also known as 3PLs and truck brokers are also known as third party intermediaries. They usually come into the supply chain as logistic workers who focus on cargo from the time it is inventoried up until the time it is delivered. Freight brokers also work in more specialized areas like truck brokering, using dry vans, refrigerated units, and flatbeds, etc.
Freight brokers are just the middle men between the shipper and carrier and normally; they do not take possession of the cargo. For a freight broker to take possession of cargos, they need to get licensed as a freight forwarder. Most freight brokers, however, do not tow this line. They simply arrange for the movement of the cargo by connecting the career with the shipper. Some brokers also put together a fleet of trucks that they use in moving trucks. Such brokers are known as asset-based brokers because they possess one or several trucks or more.

A freight brokerage career comes with so many incentives, perks, benefits, whatever you want to call it. For example, a freight broker may work from home and still be able to deal with customers and carriers from all across the world. The career is very lucrative as freight brokers are always busy.

Among all the requirements needed to become a freight broker, the one that stands out is the freight broker ICC / BMC-84 bond, it is required by law that you get one before you can be given the license. This ensures that you agree to stick to the ethics guiding the profession. If you have a good credit rating, this should not be a problem. You only need to look for where you will get the best rates from.