Should You Hire A Costumed Character To Perform Magic For Your Kids Party?

When you are hiring a new york kids magician or entertainer for that matter, for the first time for a kids party, you really don’t know where to turn. Part of you wants to hire someone, anyone, just so that you know that this part of the process is done. Don’t make that mistake. Another easy thought to fall prey to is the idea of hiring a costumed character (you see them every Saturday morning, Spongebob, Barney and the like) to show up and be that character and do magic at the same time. This way, you get two for one, right? Wrong. This is called subtraction by addition. You are going to get less than each. Think about it. Kids parties are the same as any other thing you buy. You don’t buy Coke and mix it with your sandwich, even though you will consume both at the same time. It’s the same with your kids party. Don’t mix your entities. Let your magician be a magician, and your costumed character be that.

When it comes to magicians and magic shows, professionalism is as important as in a boardroom. You can’t afford to hire a birthday party magician who is not focused on his craft. If you are thinking about trying to save a few bucks by looking around for a cut rate magician, save yourself the headache and the kids the disappointment, and get a bounce house.