Can You Get A Janitorial Bond With Bad Credit?

When you own a cleaning company, you know that you can’t function without a janitorial bond. If you haven’t heard of janitorial bonds, then you don’t know about the protection they offer you. Janitorial bonds are a narrowly defined bond that only works for those people who have employees entering the residence or business of a client and are in the position to be able to steal items from that client’s home or office. This is important, as your main source of liability is just this kind of occurrence. But what if you have bad credit? Won’t bad credit stop you from getting a janitorial bond? This is an important question, let’s look a little more at it.

While it is true that with a standard, by the book surety bond company, you will not be able to get a janitorial bond if you are unfortunate enough to have bad credit, there are some options you have. You should look into high risk janitorial bonds. Bond companies that deal in high risk surety bonds are going to specialize in all types of high risk bonds, not just standard surety bonds. By offering janitorial bonds to you when you have bad credit, they hope to earn your bond business when you are back in the wonderful land of the good credit people. This way, you get more business now, when you need it to help you most.