Why a Janitorial Bond Makes So Much Sense?

Janitorial bonds are very one dimensional.  If you own a cleaning services company, you peobably already know this.  They only protect against theft, and pay out the amount that is stolen.  So why should you even get a janitorial bond?  Can’t you just pay off any claim that comes up and be that much farther ahead by saving the money you would have paid the bond company?  On it’s face, that is perfect logic, since they only pay out the money stolen.  Look deeper, though, and you will see a different story.  See, most people won’t hire a cleaning company that does not have a janitorial bond.  WIth a janitorial bond on file, they are guaranteed to get paid if theft occurs. Without one, you could fold or leave the state with their money.  Janitorial bonds make a lot of sense.