Is It a Mistake for a Personal Trainer Rely on Their Clubs Insurance Policy?

Fitness facilities insurance or health club insurance is a type of sports accident insurance that protects the gymnasiums from the risks of liabilities when their clients get injured during a training session. This also covers the damage of equipments during the training session. Some fitness facility’s insurance covers the trainers but does not provide full protection. The main thing is that the trainers are only protected from the liabilities of injuries happening inside the gymnasium. So they are not enough and separate personal trainer insurance is required for the trainers.

A client that was trained by the trainer could choose to sue both the fitness center and the fitness trainer of the center if he or she gets injured inside a gymnasium. If the injury occurs outside the gymnasium, the trainer is solely responsible to pay for the client’s losses, including medical expenses, legal expenses, loss of wages, etc. Only personal trainer insurance policy can protect the personal trainer in this case. The fitness facility’s insurance only gives protection for the type of training provided by the gymnasium.

The fitness trainer may not be protected for other types of training he may be providing. A client can also ask for compensation if he or she gets injured at his or her home while doing a workout designed by the trainer. The fitness facility’s insurance does not cover this type of liability. As a result separate personal trainer insurance is required for a trainer to get protected from the things not included in the fitness facility’s insurance policy.