Do You Need to Have a College Degree to Become a Realtor in Texas?

Many people are confused about what it takes to become a real estate salesperson and what type of education you need.

The biggest question is – Do you need to college to become a realtor?

The short answer is “no”.

You do not need to go to college to become a realtor in the State of Texas.

There are many organizations offering online courses so you can your real estate education from the comfort of your own home.

With the increasing online resources and technology, you can take part in an online real estate school by sitting at your home or by attending a classroom.

According to the law of the state and TREC, it is mandatory that all realtors, inspectors, brokers and others who are related to this field should have a license to practice in it.

If not, those who practice or perform any real estate transaction without a license it will be a crime and you may do jail time.

So, first of all, you should choose an organization who met the standards of TREC. TREC means Texas real estate commission is a sole body regulates the real estate education and licensing process. Choosing the right organization is very important to start your career as a real estate agent.

Next, check in detail about the home study course available and how many classrooms hours they are providing. According to the TREC, you should successfully complete 150 hours of online instruction in core real estate courses and 60 more hours of either core or related courses to take part in the realtor exam.

After completing the coursework, then only you become eligible real estate salesperson exam. Check the website of TREC at, to see the complete list of approved real estate schools and courses in your area.

For example,, is the leading provider of home study course for real estate license. With this facility, you can complete the entire necessary course from your home with great ease. You can only become successful realtor if you take a proper channel and get better guidance. If you can attend college, these courses can be completed at colleges if not you can finish it through online programs.

After completing online courses, you will be ready with a full of knowledge in the real estate industry and eligible to take realtor licensing exam. Getting a real estate license is not hard but one should follow the rules and regulations to attain it in a proper way. Once you become a realtor, you can sell, rent or lease house, land, office, buildings, apartments or villas.

Being a Realtor is the finest profession among many fields because as a realtor, you will bring a smile in many faces and families by serving as a bridge or channel between seller and buyer. If you really determined to become a realtor and not have time to go to college then, make use of online real estate school. is a top rated TREC approved real estate school offering convenient, flexible and affordable online classroom to become a licensed Texas real estate agent. Getting real estate license certificate through will be an asset for any budding realtor. It the name anyone can trust and rely upon.