Real Estate Inspector

What Is It like Having the Job of a Real Estate Inspector?

If you are interested in working in the real estate industry and you are a technical thinker and enjoy construction, becoming a licensed real estate inspector might be a good job for you to consider.

The job of a real estate inspector is fun, demanding and rewarding as you have to make sure that a property is in good order and that the buyer is purchasing a structure, which is safe.

The report by the inspector upon personal examination gives details about the defects within the structures and thus alerts the prospective buyer about the existing or the potential problems. Continue reading this article to understand more about becoming a real estate inspector.

If you really have a mind that always thinks technically that too in detail, then a career as a real estate inspector suits you very nicely. By a careful and thorough examination of a building, a real estate inspector ensures that the purchase of a building by the buyer is safe.

It is the responsibility of the home inspector to run a detailed report on the structural defects and thus, alert the prospective buyer on any problems.

To dig this deep, the job of an inspector is to carefully explore the electrical and mechanical condition of a building for compliance with state and local building codes along with the general construction practices that are acceptable.

Home Inspection Report
Once the Home Inspector Is Done, They Put Together a Home Inspector Report

In continuation to this, upon finalizing the inspection it is highly recommended and required to run a report to the client concerning the condition of the property with rapid attention to the defects that violate the building codes or which makes the prospective buyer to suffer a problem at present or in the future.

The working scenario of a real estate inspector can be independent or can go with a firm and you normally keep office hours according to the tradition.

To make a point on the terms with the job, this career requires extensive time in the field. Hence, a real estate inspector should be willing to be out of the office most of the time and probably not wearing a suit on the job site.

The profile of the job includes a certain amount of climbing, crawling, squeezing into the places that are dirty and uncomfortable.

Though all this looks like a mess, if you are serious about making the money for comfortable living, this job fits your best.

To elaborate on the salary structure of an inspector, Median yearly salaries for inspectors and Texas are in the range of $40,000 to $50,000.

Coming to the requirements to serve as a real estate inspector, you must be licensed by the state.

To understand the licensure system, Texas has a three-tiered licensure system that progresses from the apprentice inspector to the real estate inspector and to professional inspector.

To become an apprentice inspector, one must be at least 18 years old, a US citizen, and a resident of Texas and pass a background check.

In addition to the above, an inspector must be sponsored by a professional inspector and should perform at least 25 inspections under the direct supervision of a professional inspector and required to be licensed for a minimum of 90 days before proceeding to a real estate inspector.

It is important to make a note that, a professional inspector must also sponsor a real estate inspector.

To be considered as an apprentice inspector, the real estate inspector must also complete 90 classroom hours in fundamental real estate inspection courses and pass an exam.

However, a real estate inspector can perform inspections under the indirect supervision of the professional inspector.

The candidate must complete 12 months of such work and should do a minimum of 175 inspections or beyond those perform as an apprentice.

For the one who is willing to receive a professional inspector designation, a candidate must fulfill all the real estate inspector requirements, and an addition 38 classroom hours of fundamental real estate inspection coursework.

This includes 8 hours of standards of practice on legal issues or ethics and the candidate must pass an exam.

For more information on becoming a real estate inspector or getting licensed as a real estate professional, visit this Texas approved real estate school.  Finally, if your desire is mainly to acquire more technical knowledge by working at dependable hours out of office apart from earning huge amounts through real estate, working as a real estate inspector might be the right career path for you.

A great resource for inspectors, consumers, real estate professionals and the media for information, advice, and resources dedicated to home inspection is offered by American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI.