Two Reasons Your Cleaning Service Needs a Janitorial Bond

If you own a cleaning service, you probably have heard about janitorial bonds. Do you need one? What would a janitorial bond do for you that general liability insurance would not? How do you know which bond company to pick? Great questions, read on and I will try to shed some light for you.

Janitorial bonds are very limited in scope, and that is fortuitous for you. They were created with cleaning services just like yours in mind. If you are going into people’s homes or offices, you are going to be accused of stealing something at some point. Either your employee is going to do it or get accused of it. This can happen because of the simple fear that people deal with every day, or it can actually happen. In either case you want to be covered, and insurance does not always do that for you. Here are two very specific reasons to get a janitorial bond.

First, you want the actual coverage. Having that makes sure that you are not in that position of being exposed to the fear or actuality of damaging a client’s property. This puts you in a stronger legal situation.

Second, you want it for the client’s peace of mind. When a client sees that you have taken the initiative to protect them before they even hire you, it is going to make them feel a lot better about hiring you versus the guys down the road without a janitorial bond.