Why the Small Business Suffers during a down Economy

Small business sales and marketing has made some new developments with this down turned economy. Our customers are our bread and butter. We have been loyal through thick and thin. Recently, customers are shopping around not for better service, but for better prices (read, rock bottom prices).

This has closed the doors to many small businesses in the last year. They sacrificed lower prices to keep customers, who were going to go elsewhere if they found a better deal regardless. The question that we all need to ask ourselves in terms of small business sales and marketing is: do we want to sacrifice quality and price for customers that will then continually ask for lower prices. Who, when the economy picks back up, will find it unreasonable for us to bring our prices up to the actual value.

This is a tough question. One that we do need to ask. Small business sales and marketing an do just so much for a business and then we need to look at our own values and loyalty to ourselves and keeping our doors open.