Do You Have a Passion for Real Estate That Could Mean a Career Change?

Are you considering pursuing going into the real estate industry as a full or part-time career?

Becoming a real estate sales agent takes an investment in time learning the required pre-licensing education so you can pass the state’s required real estate licensing test.

Did you know? Employment of real estate brokers and real estate sales agents is projected to grow 10 percent from 2018
to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Once you pass your realtor exam, you can then spend time researching and finding the perfect broker to work with and they may recommend marketing software and other tools to assist you to kick-start the career.

A Look at the Initial Start-up Fees to Become a Real Estate Sales Agent

In comparison to most other careers, particularly the ones that require an academic diploma, starting a new career in the real estate industry is actually very affordable.

Your initial start-up and first year as an agent costs will fluctuate based on your area, but most new real estate agents spend around $5,000 on their education their first year.

As a New Realtor Agent Should You Work Part time or Full time?

Working at the real estate industry is all about having your freedom, right? There so many possibilities in a career as a realtor and it is a fantastic opportunity to set your own hours and be your own boss.

Many new realtors choose to start out part-time in real estate, so they can hold onto their stable income from their job. This is a good idea for anyone that is not certain that they want to be in this industry.

Industry experts can also discover that working for a part-time real estate sales agent salary provides an alternative or transition into retirement or a way to balance work and family life.

What is the Earning Potential like for a real estate Salesperson?

The median income of a realtor in the state of Texas is about $50,000. This is 25% higher compared to the median yearly wage for all agents.

The actual pay gap between a part and full-time real estate agents is broad. Working fewer than 20 hours a week provides per median gross income of only $9,000 a year.

While, in comparison, working 60+ hours or more per week generates an average net income of $95,000 for some realtors.

What Are the Steps to Get A Texas Real Estate License?

Step 1: Get Your Pre-license Course Training

Regardless of what state you reside in, you need to take the state’s real estate pre-licensing training from an accredited TREC real estate school.

Each state’s pre-licensing class topics and hours may vary. After you finish, you’ll want to obtain the official real estate transcript or certificate of completion from the faculty, which is a requirement for your licensing application.

Step 2: Pass Your Pre-Licensing Exam

Passing the real estate test is the next thing you must focus on. Right after you finish your pre-licensing class and pass the Texas real estate license final exam, you will schedule your state licensing real estate exam.

Though some of the questions on the state examination are outlined on your prelicensing class, you will be on stronger footing should you take a real estate test prep program to ensure you research the right exam material and get access to practice exams.

Step 3: Find a Broker to Work Under

Establish your real estate profession Finding the right real estate broker and resources to start your career is vital.

Your success in the real estate industry begins with not only a good plan but also hard work. It’s not surprising that so many real estate agents who are driven and have big goals are the realtors which become the most successful.