Does the surety bond process have to be so hard?

Getting a surety bond has never been a easy process. For as long as there have been surety bonds, which has been more than a thousand years, there have been people making the process hard. It would seem that the age of technology would have made it easier to get a surety bond by now, but that does not appear to be the case. Every where you go to get a surety bond, it is hard, and full of hassles. Unless, you find yourself at a surety bond company that has started making the process easier. There are surety bond companies that have made it their business to make the surety bond process much easier, and have even made it to where you can go online and get your surety bond done, and even get it a lot faster. The coolest part is, you can get your surety bond in your email inbox, thus taking all of the delay completely out of the process. They will even offer surety bonds for people with bad credit. That is amazing, because for generations, people with bad credit have not been able to get a surety bond at all. There was simply no way to get it done. If you had bad credit, you were shut out of the process of getting a surety bond. Now, it is different. Now, there are surety bond companies that offer surety bonds so you can work.