What Are the Motivations of Those Who Choose Real Estate as Their New Career Path?

Anyone is independent to choose this career at any point in their life. There is no age bar or limitations for opting for real estate career.

That is so many who are interested to become a real estate agent irrespective of their age and background. According to the recent statistics of NAR (National Association of Realtors), ninety-five percent are enthusiastic to swift from their current career like finance, business or management to real estate.

Many people who are between 40 and 50-years-old are changing their career to real estate to ease their retirement life or to supplement or build their retirement income.

In some scenarios, younger people are taking up the business and responsibilities in their family footsteps or they want to have a career in the real estate field they love and earn a handful through it.

Passion for Work in Real Estate

Most of the people step into the real estate industry is because they are so much fascinated by it. Once get settled up, they can have a high standard of lifestyle.

They will also have a thrill of exploring properties time to time and capable of transforming spaces around and build the better lives around them.

Because they constantly monitor new properties in the surroundings, they can immediately transform any home or property to increase the property value.

If we do any work that we love, it will give us immense joy and excitement as we go along with fulfilling our goals. Job satisfaction is very much needed to put your complete potential sculpting others dream with smart real estate decisions.

With that said, there are so many benefits which attract the attention of the people step towards a successful real estate career.

Experience always counts in any field. The more you become expertise, the more you can earn in this field. Not only that, you can enhance your skills in many related real estate fields like real estate investing, property management, corporate real estate departments, or a shift from residential to commercial sales.

You can get many more opportunities to scale the heights in real estate by giving complete attention towards different career paths.

Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

A Day in the Life of the Professional Real Estate Agent

In real estate, no two days work is the same, every day it will get changed; only some standard task will be part of your routine.

To become a successful real estate agent, you should inculcate yourself with proper time management, organize the things and follow-up your work will be instrumental.

Part-time real estate agents usually develop a daily

working routine. By this, you can become more potential,

experienced and reach more prospects.

A well-planned routine helps to stay focus on the job which needs to be done on time.

Let us have a quick look at some typical day-to-day tasks as a realtor:

  • Develop ideas and marketing plans for all listings and your personal brand
  • Check website leads, online inquiries, and follow-up
  • Make calls to clients, affiliates, and other agents
  • Increase network in the community
  • Conduct over-the-phone or in-person consultations with clients
  • Participate in local community events
  • Host and promote your open houses
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Attend inspections
  • Coordinate and attend closings
  • Take professional development or continuing education classes


Greater Independence as a Realtor – Being Your Own Boss

If you are a new parent and want to have a peaceful and flexible job to work at the time you want or to work from home, then real estate is for you. You can be your own boss and can schedule work that is tailored without disturbing your family life.

If you are interested in a career change and want to get into the real estate industry, the best place to start is by getting enrolled in an accredited Texas real estate school that is approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

Maybe you are near to retirement age and want to earn extra income while enjoying the fellowship that comes with working with the other real estate professionals, then real estate is for you. You can find new friends and support along with the work.


Quick Tips for Those Considering Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Before you get signed up with that real estate school and leap into the real estate industry as a new career, cautiously consider these frequently overlooked pieces of wisdom.

Here are a few considerations for making the choice to take the jump to the real estate as a new career choice.

Thousands and thousands of brand new realtors open their own businesses each year, plus they’ve high anticipation for income from helping individuals to purchase and sell homes.

Most people think they will get rich as a real estate agent once they get their license.

It is those high-income expectations without a lot of planning and hard work that gets many realtors into financial trouble.

Did you know that: 87% of all agents fail in real estate?

Yes, you could make good money in real estate, but the reality is that the median income of a realtor only around $44,000 per year. It’s hard to do part-time.

Yes, there are part-time brokers and you may do deals when you are not at work.

But if your work schedule resembles most of your customers it is going to be challenging to hook up with them and provide the kind of service they require.

They’ll need your evenings, so get prepared to work 7 days a week. You’re an independent contractor.

Although you’ll need to work with a sponsored broker who sponsors your working permit, you’re in business for yourself and are your own boss.

This usually means you will keep up with taxes and laws to ensure you do not end up crossways with the IRS and have to pay taxes you didn’t expect.

You can select a broker who’s willing to supply you with great training and a few leads through their office out of obligation, but if you do not hustle and get good at generating your own real estate buyer and seller leads, you are going to have a rough time becoming successful.

Working full time can be like riding an income roller coaster. That $44,000/year income figure isn’t for the first year of a new agent, it’s the average.

Therefore, even when you do it through that year, that number isn’t evenly spread out at $3,600 per month. The income will come and it likely will, but it’s going to be more like half in a 3-month busy season and the remainder sporadically across the rest of the year.

Your agent doesn’t care much about your own success. Sure, your broker wants you well and needs you to be successful.

On the other hand, the prices a broker that adds you as a brand new agent are low.

They already have the office and overhead, and giving you a booth in the corner is inexpensive so that they will take a chance on you.

If you make it into top manufacturer status, you will be capable to make a deal with your agent for a better commission cut along with other goodies.

Until then, but you are on your own,
and you better generate leads, produce sales,
or those dreams will belong to someone else.

If you are in service and like the work, you will succeed. If you are into homes, showing them, the process of selling and dealing and helping individuals to purchase and market, you are probably going to succeed and create a ton of cash over time.  Just get into the industry with a realistic mindset and income expectation.

Do You Have a Passion for Real Estate That Could Mean a Career Change?

Are you considering pursuing going into the real estate industry as a full or part-time career?

Becoming a real estate sales agent takes an investment in time learning the required pre-licensing education so you can pass the state’s required real estate licensing test.

Did you know? Employment of real estate brokers and real estate sales agents is projected to grow 10 percent from 2018
to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Once you pass your realtor exam, you can then spend time researching and finding the perfect broker to work with and they may recommend marketing software and other tools to assist you to kick-start the career.

A Look at the Initial Start-up Fees to Become a Real Estate Sales Agent

In comparison to most other careers, particularly the ones that require an academic diploma, starting a new career in the real estate industry is actually very affordable.

Your initial start-up and first year as an agent costs will fluctuate based on your area, but most new real estate agents spend around $5,000 on their education their first year.

As a New Realtor Agent Should You Work Part time or Full time?

Working at the real estate industry is all about having your freedom, right? There so many possibilities in a career as a realtor and it is a fantastic opportunity to set your own hours and be your own boss.

Many new realtors choose to start out part-time in real estate, so they can hold onto their stable income from their job. This is a good idea for anyone that is not certain that they want to be in this industry.

Industry experts can also discover that working for a part-time real estate sales agent salary provides an alternative or transition into retirement or a way to balance work and family life.

What is the Earning Potential like for a real estate Salesperson?

The median income of a realtor in the state of Texas is about $50,000. This is 25% higher compared to the median yearly wage for all agents.

The actual pay gap between a part and full-time real estate agents is broad. Working fewer than 20 hours a week provides per median gross income of only $9,000 a year.

While, in comparison, working 60+ hours or more per week generates an average net income of $95,000 for some realtors.

What Are the Steps to Get A Texas Real Estate License?

Step 1: Get Your Pre-license Course Training

Regardless of what state you reside in, you need to take the state’s real estate pre-licensing training from an accredited TREC real estate school.

Each state’s pre-licensing class topics and hours may vary. After you finish, you’ll want to obtain the official real estate transcript or certificate of completion from the faculty, which is a requirement for your licensing application.

Step 2: Pass Your Pre-Licensing Exam

Passing the real estate test is the next thing you must focus on. Right after you finish your pre-licensing class and pass the Texas real estate license final exam, you will schedule your state licensing real estate exam.

Though some of the questions on the state examination are outlined on your prelicensing class, you will be on stronger footing should you take a real estate test prep program to ensure you research the right exam material and get access to practice exams.

Step 3: Find a Broker to Work Under

Establish your real estate profession Finding the right real estate broker and resources to start your career is vital.

Your success in the real estate industry begins with not only a good plan but also hard work. It’s not surprising that so many real estate agents who are driven and have big goals are the realtors which become the most successful.

A Look at Why Real Estate Sales Agents Enjoy Such a Great Life

When we think of the real estate industry and real estate sales agents, we think of luxury, expensive homes, nice cars and we wonder about all of that money that they make from their sales commissions.

What makes their life so great and their income so high?

How Satisfied Are Real Estate Agents with Their Career?

The fact is that almost all realtors are pleased with their choice in their career. In reality, they’re allegedly 28% more fulfilled in their careers than American workers throughout all professions.

They’re also very optimistic about what’s next in their exciting real estate career…

…with 80 percent of brokers and 85 percent of
agents indicating their future looks bright!

This positive energy is fueled by what respondents categorize as a strong and growing economy.

Reasons Why a Real Estate Profession Is So Rewarding

While most realtors don’t make additional benefits beyond their commission break, they nevertheless outpace national career satisfaction numbers.

Realtors are allegedly fulfilled in their careers more than American workers across all professions.

Real Estate Salespersons Income Overview

A real estate salespersons earnings are based on many different factors, such as years of experience working, hours worked, marketplace conditions, specializations and much more.

Within this section, we’ll emphasize the top factors that influence an agent’s earnings.

Common factors that influence a realtors income

Realtor income rises with expertise and hours worked, as is the situation with the most livelihood.

It’s essential for all those seriously considering an actual career in the real estate industry to find helpful resources and communities to keep them engaged and growing within their 1st year, as they’ll see a payoff in two.

With respect to hours worked a week, realtors need to find their sweet spot between work-life balance and their earnings desires. Among the best things about a career in real estate is that brokers get to make this decision for themselves.

As people enter the real estate profession, they usually pick a place or two to grow their expertise.

8 out of 10 realtors are very pleased with their career choice

A healthful work-life balance, robust brokerage service, an adaptive approach to technology and a respectable income are reasons they mention for their own happiness.

Agents that consistently find quality leads make nearly $100,000 more per year than those that don’t.  That’s not surprising whenever you consider real estate is a business built mostly on lead generation.

Agents who’re specialists at winning multiple listing service (MLS) listings over other brokers earn 3.7 times the earnings as people who’re neglecting at winning the listings.

The key to winning the list is really listening to and comprehending your prospective customer ‘s needs and goals. Subsequently, you are able to personalize your approach to their list.

Agents that invest in their own real estate education from a TX real estate school as well as stay up-to-date on business trends and best marketing and sales practices make 2.5 times the earnings of brokers who’re failing in this area. Now, more than ever before, it’so important to invest in yourself and your career as a realtor.

There are so many opportunities that present themselves out of professional development classes and news sites to social network and conferences making education a necessity.

Real estate brokerages are always looking for more realtors to add to their sales team.  This means that if an agent is unhappy with their broker, there are always many other places they can work and keep making big money.

Overall, being a real estate professional is hard work but for many, it’s given them the life that most people just dream about.  If you have considered a career change and want to go into the real estate industry the first place to start is getting your real estate license.  There are education training options now so you don’t even have to go to a classroom.  You can even do all of your education from home over the Internet!

Once you have your license to sell (in your particular state) then you can begin your new career and start the next chapter of your life and work to build the life of your dreams.

How to Find a Real Estate School That Offers Both Online Training Courses and Certification

Getting started in the real estate industry and getting your education may seem confusing. The Web has altered the method people find education and learning. This is true for the real estate industry as well.

Thankfully, today you’ll discover numerous online real estate schools that provide quality real estate education and certification training in addition to classroom training.

In fact, some real estate colleges are 100% web-based, with all class programs being taught online.

Online Real Estate Classes Available 100% Online‎

Home study courses on real estate are also offered on the web; these are various other types of training that real estate brokers and appraisers can get themselves.

Residence research consists of books and on-line courses that a student has to finish within a six-month period.

This program is designed to aid the aspiring real estate brokers and appraisers to supplement the amount of hours they have to place in their training to make sure that they would certainly apply for the exam’s real estate license certificate.

Whether you pick on-line training or classroom training, the important thing is to ensure that it’s a legit real estate institution acknowledged by your state.

Other than the need to submit your fingerprints, a guideline that went into effect 01-011-2008, you can train, apply for, and acquire your permit without ever leaving the convenience of your home.

The State of Texas calls for a total amount of 240 class hours of education in topics associating with real estate just before an individual can apply for a real estate license.

The Texas Real Estate Comission (TREC) has the job of checking colleges and associations in Texas that supply the certified home courses and, in addition, offers an extensive listing of online schools whose web-based courses are approved and approved by the commission.

How Can I Get Started in Selling Real Estate?

Real estate is a booming industry to start your career. Once you become a realtor you have the independence of defining your job.

Real estate is not fast money making resource but slowly it will become a solid job with high income and exciting lifestyle.

You are the sole responsible person for the growth and success of your business. You have to pave your own way and step on it.

It is like when you got profits, you are the sole person to enjoy all of it and when got loss, you have to face the risks.

So, if you want to become a successful realtor, you should be capable of balancing all the situations and take the right decision at right time.

It is important to have a plan of action whether you are about to get your real estate license or you are at the beginning of your career as a real estate agent. Here are the few things you should consider

Make up your mind

You should be ready to face all situations. Once you step into this field, you must foresee the situation and act accordingly.

One should work very hard to build a portfolio and network to withstand in the real estate industry. The more people you connect with, the more businesses and referrals you’ll have.

Also, when you are selling a house or dealing a business, you will come across many kinds of peoples.

You have to handle the mindsets very carefully to win over the situation. Self-motivation is very important.

Even you got the deal or not, you should make up your mind to keep moving and never underestimate your talent.

Get Educated

To get qualified as a real estate agent it is a combination of getting the right education from the right agency and an established broker to get you the right clients.

Get Licensed

It is very much important to get licensed before you commence as a real estate agent. It is an offense if you perform any real estate transaction without being a real estate agent.

Real Estate License School.org is the leading real estate school offering career-oriented professional education classroom courses and online classes in the real estate industry such as:

  • Irrigation department
  • Home inspection
  • Securities
  • Insurance
  • Cosmetology
  • TABC Certification
  • Drivers’ Education, and defensive driving

From real estate education to a licensed realtor, is the one Texas real estate school you can fully trust.

Considering a Career Change and Becoming a Property Manager?

If you enjoy real estate and have the ability to create good relationships between yourself and other people, a career as a property manager may be something you would be great at.  A property manager works for people or companies that own income-producing property.

What Are Some of the Duties of a Property Manager?

It is the responsibility of the property manager to get involved in the activities like leasing and the maintenance of the properties for the owners.

It is often required to serve as a bridge between the owners and the tenants, which is, of course, a delicate task. Hence, if the job as a property manager sounds good to you and matches your skills, continue reading this article.

If you feel that you are good at diplomacy and people skills then the career field of property management is ready to open the door of success to you.

The main job activities of a property manager
include handling the task of maintaining the
leasing details for the owners of a property.

However, maintaining the balance between the owners and the tenants must be the primary duty of a property manager. To put this simple, a property manager has to find new tenants to rent a property and handle all the arrangements to have a hassle-free agreement between the client and the customer.

In addition to the above, the responsibilities under maintenance issues include calling the appropriate plumber, electrician, carpenter or other maintenance professionals at the perfect timing to resolve the issues pointing to the concerned department.

In addition, the property manager should maintain the control of all the books on a property.

Property Management

The maintenance of the bank deposits shall be with the property manager where he/she is responsible for the collection of lease deposits and returning them when an eligible renter leaves the property.

Further, the manager collects the monthly lease payments and maintains the financial records as per the contract with a property owner.

Here it is good to disclose that, property management can be a job with stress as (the manager can sometimes be on call 24 hours a day) and must constantly hold the balance with the tenant and the owner demands. It also includes extensive traveling depending on the count of properties to be managed along with the location.

How Much Income Does a Property Manager Make?

To look into the Income, it can be uncertain as it varies on the clients who can cancel their contracts within the time duration of 30 days.  The earning potential for a property manager depends on the immensity of the job.

The pay for a part-time manager of a small apartment complex is likely to be minimal where it will be very high if one has to manage several high rent complexes.

Property managers in Texas earn an average of $72,667/year.

Now, coming to the qualifications for a property manager, experience as a real estate salesperson or broker will help a lot to pick-up the job as a property manager. Apart from this, hands full of experience in record keeping and bookkeeping will be an added advantage.

To conclude this, one must be a good mediator with effective people skills and enjoy taking care of things during the hard times also to become a successful property manager.  If you are considering a career change and are interested in becoming a property manager or licensed real estate salesperson then an approved real estate school is the best place to go.  They can help you get started, get your education and help you get your license as well as help with your continuing education.

Another great resource is The National Association of Residential Property Managers NARPM helps to provide many resources for residential property management professionals who have the desire to learn more, grow, and build relationships to further their careers.

Do You Need to Have a College Degree to Become a Realtor in Texas?

Many people are confused about what it takes to become a real estate salesperson and what type of education you need.

The biggest question is – Do you need to college to become a realtor?

The short answer is “no”.

You do not need to go to college to become a realtor in the State of Texas.

There are many organizations offering online courses so you can your real estate education from the comfort of your own home.

With the increasing online resources and technology, you can take part in an online real estate school by sitting at your home or by attending a classroom.

According to the law of the state and TREC, it is mandatory that all realtors, inspectors, brokers and others who are related to this field should have a license to practice in it.

If not, those who practice or perform any real estate transaction without a license it will be a crime and you may do jail time.

So, first of all, you should choose an organization who met the standards of TREC. TREC means Texas real estate commission is a sole body regulates the real estate education and licensing process. Choosing the right organization is very important to start your career as a real estate agent.

Next, check in detail about the home study course available and how many classrooms hours they are providing. According to the TREC, you should successfully complete 150 hours of online instruction in core real estate courses and 60 more hours of either core or related courses to take part in the realtor exam.

After completing the coursework, then only you become eligible real estate salesperson exam. Check the website of TREC at https://www.trec.texas.gov/education/qualifying-education-providers, to see the complete list of approved real estate schools and courses in your area.

For example, RealEstateLicenseSchool.org, is the leading provider of home study course for real estate license. With this facility, you can complete the entire necessary course from your home with great ease. You can only become successful realtor if you take a proper channel and get better guidance. If you can attend college, these courses can be completed at colleges if not you can finish it through online programs.

After completing online courses, you will be ready with a full of knowledge in the real estate industry and eligible to take realtor licensing exam. Getting a real estate license is not hard but one should follow the rules and regulations to attain it in a proper way. Once you become a realtor, you can sell, rent or lease house, land, office, buildings, apartments or villas.

Being a Realtor is the finest profession among many fields because as a realtor, you will bring a smile in many faces and families by serving as a bridge or channel between seller and buyer. If you really determined to become a realtor and not have time to go to college then, make use of online real estate school.

RealEstateLicenseSchool.org is a top rated TREC approved real estate school offering convenient, flexible and affordable online classroom to become a licensed Texas real estate agent. Getting real estate license certificate through RealEstateLicenseSchool.org will be an asset for any budding realtor. It the name anyone can trust and rely upon.

Ever Wondered What a Real Estate Salespersons Career Is Like?

If someone desires a career in real estate, it is the job as a real estate salesperson that comes into everyone’s mind. It is real estate salesperson we all should think of. To discuss what it meant for real estate salesperson, the job of a licensed real estate salesperson includes showing real property such as the house and bridges together the owner and the customer for the respective property.

Did You Know? – 33% of Home Buyers in 2017 Were Millennials!

The specialization of a real estate salesperson should include sounding knowledge in residential or commercial properties.

It is even good to find some salespersons that are even specialized in certain types of real estate fields namely industrial or agricultural.

Continue reading this article if you are really serious about a career in the field of real estate.

A real estate salesperson drum up potential customers to buy, sell or rent the properties. After a thorough negotiation between a buyer and a seller, the salesperson arranges a deal between them. In continuation to this, a real salesperson must be up to date on prices, mortgages, market condition and other information related to the sales, rental of a property such that, if he/she will be able to advise the client on the respective issues.

This is because it is the right of the clients to get help from the salesperson to determine the right price for the sale or rental of their properties. Hence, the salesperson is always expected to keep an eye on property values.

Now, coming to the advertising criteria with a real estate salesperson, advertising through ads, listing services, open houses, and social media are the variety of sources that help to promote the business and acquire more clients.

Luxury Real Estate - Home for Sale
The national median days on market for luxury properties for 2017 was 116 days

The main reason behind this advertising is that it is the general condition of the buyers and renters to see the listed properties before making a decision to purchase or rent.

In addition to this, a salesperson must always be ready to answer the questions of a client concerning local community which include the quality of schools, the amount of crime rate, the quality, and availability of medical facilities along with the shopping and service facilities.

So, to discuss as a summary, it is the salespersons who will present the offer for purchase to the seller or the lease to the landlord. Then, all the negotiation between a buyer and seller or the renter and a landlord will be facilitated by the salesperson.

In addition to this, the preparations for the documents related to a sale or lease, like contracts purchase agreements and deeds will be taken care of by the salesperson.

Though it is the salesperson who involves more in the negotiation between the client and the customer, they must work through a broker. However, a salesperson is likely to consider as a self-employed person where the income can vary greatly because most of the income is driven in the form of sales commissions and not as a salary.

Coming to the average work hours of a salesperson, on an average a real estate salesperson works about 40 hours a week of which most of the times they spend on evening and weekends.

Almost all the salespersons work part time yet 80% will list real estate sales as their only occupation. To stand as a professional, the salesperson must spend significant time networking, accepting community events to get more leads.

In the beginning, a part-time salesperson might receive only a few thousand dollars as a salary in the form of commissions per year whereas, a seasoned sales person with a huge set of listings and contacts may earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in the same year.

To discuss the situation of a real estate salesperson in Texas, a real estate salesperson must be licensed by the state. A licensee must belong to the US or legal resident of US and must be a resident of Texas. A minimum age requirement of 18 is required to become a salesperson with a high school diploma or equivalent and must receive 180 hours of classroom instruction from a well reputed Texas real estate license education provider such as CELI.

Things to Check While Applying for the Real Estate License

When you apply for a real estate license in the State of Texas, you may have doubts about the background check, fingerprinting, causes of rejection, application fees, authorization date to sit for the exam, the time between scheduling and taking the exam, exam materials, and whether extra time is allotted for the disabled persons. We provide complete details in the following article.

Fingerprinting and Background Check

After submitting the application, the applicant should give fingerprints and consent to a check for any criminal history. If the applicant has been convicted of a serious misdemeanor, he or she may be not eligible for a real estate license.

The real estate act allows a determination of moral character before the person submits any other paperwork to the commission.

The Request for Moral Character Determination form to the commission requires a $50 filing fee. If the applicants have no criminal history or serious misdemeanor, then there is no need to file the form.

Civil judgments, bankruptcy proceedings or criminal convictions may prevent an applicant from obtaining a real estate license.

In addition to criminal convictions, the person must disclose pleas of guilty or no contest to a felony. The disclosure must include whether the time for an appeal has lapsed or conviction or the judgment has been affirmed on appeal, regardless of whether probation or community has been granted following conviction or suspension.

The commission also checks with the FBI and the TxDPS to see if the applicant’s disclosure is genuine. Non-disclosure of a felony or serious misdemeanor may cause a denial of a real estate license.

The commission may issue a provisional moral character determination based on its adopted reasonable guidelines.

The applicant must satisfy the fingerprinting process. The person should approach the DPS and give a complete, legible set of fingerprints. All the prints must be in the FBI’s required format and taken to a location approved by the commission.

The applicant should obtain a FAST Fingerprint Pass from the Texas Real Estate Commission’s website to submit fingerprints. After downloading the FAST Fingerprinting Pass, contact the MorphoTrust USA Enrollment Services for an appointment to give the prints at its nearest location.

There are approximately 140 locations in seven regions of the state. You can contact the local board of realtors for assistance. At the time of taking fingerprints, a fee may be collected by the organization.

Causes of rejection

The application will be rejected if:

  • The fee is paid incorrect or no fee receipt is sent with the form.
  • The applicant is not a citizen of the United States or a lawfully admitted member.
  • The applicant is not 18 years of age or older.
  • The applicant is not a resident of Texas.
  • The applicant should check the norms mentioned in the application form, or the application may be rejected. According to the instructions on the form, the applicant must ensure that:
  • The information is printed in ink or is typewritten.
  • All requested information is provided.
  • All questions have been answered.
  • All the required signatures and signing dates are included.
  • The personal check or money order, or online fee payment is attached.

When processing stops

An application is considered void and subject to no further processing if, the applicant has not:
1) Passed the real estate exam within one year from the date the application was filed.
2) Submitted the required fee within 20 days after the commission has made a written request.
3) Provided fingerprints, requested information, or documentation within one year after the application was filed.

Application fees

The current fees for an inactive sales agent license depend on whether you are submitting it offline or online.

The fee varies depending on how the form is filed and whether the applicant has been fingerprinted earlier for the commission.

The base online cost is $205. If the applicant has been previously fingerprinted, an additional fee of $29.75 is charged.

The base offline cost is $225 because of the added $20 paper-filing fee. Again, if the applicant has been previously fingerprinted, an additional fee of $29.75 is charged.

Authorization to sit for an exam

After the commission has reviewed your application, they may either accept or reject the application. If the education requirements have been met, the commission issues an authorization to sit for the examination.

The commission also provides a link to the Pearson VUE website where the applicant can obtain information about scheduling the exam online or by phone.

The applicant has one year from the time that the application is filed with the commission to pass the exam. Any real estate exam taken before or after this period will not count toward licensing.

The time between scheduling and taking exams

Pearson VUE requires a minimum of 24 hours between scheduling and taking the exam. However, each test center has differing days on which the exam can be scheduled.

For example, most centers reserve one to two days per week for eight hours each day. Some test centers allow three to four times a week. One location in Houston administers the exam five to six days per week. This should be considered by the applicant when scheduling the exam.

Exam materials

The commission provides exam materials for the applicants. To access the information, each candidate should have to provide the following details:

  • Legal name
  • Residential address, email address, and daytime phone numbers
  • TREC-ID# as shown on the eligibility letter received from the commission
  • Name of the examination
  • Preferred examination date and test center

Accommodating disabled applicants

The exam conducting the organization, Pearson VUE offers appropriate test adjustments to individuals with disabilities. They provide facilities like conducting the exam in a separate room, allowing extra test time, and also a reader or recorder for those who suffer from mobile or visional impairments. The request for special test adjustments should be made when scheduling the exam.

The applicant must provide their current residential address, contact number and email address on the application. The applicant must also notify the commission if there is any change in this information while the application is pending.

The applicant must also provide a driver’s license number, current or earlier employment history for the past five years, and a list of criminal offenses like felonies and misdemeanors (except traffic tickets).

The commission also asks for the applicant’s Social Security number, which is kept confidential. All the other information on the application form may be used for public records.

By signing the submitted application form, the applicant authorizes the commission to investigate any information if necessary. They may contact the DPS to verify the applicant’s criminal record. They may also check with the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation (TGSLC) to see whether a student loan is in default.

According to Texas State law, renewing a license more than once is prohibited if a license holder defaults on a student loan guaranteed by the student loan corporation. So the commission may also check with the Attorney General’s Office concerning unpaid child support. It should be noted that a real estate license could be issued, but not renewed, when the applicant has overdue child-support payments.

Therefore, these are the important points to be considered when approaching a real estate school, verification of education requirements, and application process to the commission.