Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Magician for Your Library Program

A lot of librarians commit three common mistakes when hiring a magician for the first time. Even though it is your first time, you can hire the right magician for your library program by learning from these mistakes and avoiding them.

When hiring a professional magician for your library program, do not just get the phone book, open it, call the first number on the list, and hire him. This it first mistake that most librarians commit, which should not be encouraged. Of course, you do not want the children to suffer from poor performance and, at the same time, regret hiring the magician.

Similarly, you should avoid hiring the magician ahead of time, unless you have hired him before or another librarian recommended how good he is. You need to do sufficient research to ensure that all bases are covered. Interview the magician to check how professional he is. Make sure that the magician for your library program is professional. Look for the 3 P’s — punctual, prepared, and precise.

More importantly, make a research before hiring a magician for your library program. Verify with other librarians who already hired him how his performance went and how he interacted with the children during the program. Check with other parents and children who attended the programs. You can also ask the magician for references. If he does not want to give you any information, you should start looking for another magician for your library program.

Hiring a magician for your library program will never be easy, but it will always be worth it when you hired the right one. But when you see the eyes of the little children when the magician starts to pull off his tricks, you will realize that all the effort you spent in looking for the right magician for the library program has paid off.