Why Do Women Want Organic Skin Care Products?

What is it about usda certified organic skin care products that draw women to them? Why should you consider carrying organic skin care products in your spa? Does it really make sense?  Organic skin care products, and especially certified organic skin care products, have been on a steady rise for over a decade. What does that mean to you? If you own a spa and are looking to buy wholesale private label organic skin care you can not afford to ignore this rising tide, but how should you respond? The best thing you can do is to test your own client base to see what their thoughts are. What do they think of organic beauty products? Would they use them if you carried them? Try doing some general tests on women who are not your clients. Would they shop with you if you carried organic skin care products? It could be true (and probably is if you do not carry them right now) that all that keeps you from a burgeoning new customer base is carrying this line of popular cosmetics. Organic skin care makes sense on it’s face, and that is a big deal. It has taken a good bit of “holding your nose” for women to accept that spreading chemicals with harsh names like Toluene and Formaldehyde on your face was good for you long term. Now, with organic skin care, they don’t have to do that, and you can be the spa that gave them that freedom. Sound good?