How Do You Know If You’re Eligible For Personal Trainer Insurance?

Many personal trainers find it very hard to answer their questions when they are beginning to get personal trainer insurance. Because of the number of their questions, sometimes they become overwhelmed and end up not getting insurance for a personal trainer even though it’s an importance sports insurance policy to have.  They may have questions like What type do they get? How much should they pay? Are they even eligible to get personal trainer insurance? These questions are very understandable. Although at first they are hard to answer, they can seek help in reputable insurance companies or agents in order for them to get a reliable policy. Just like any other insurance policy, eligibility requirements should be met by the fitness instructor in order to get liability insurance for personal trainers.

Because there are a lot of insurance companies offering personal trainer insurance, a fitness instructor should satisfy the eligibility criteria set by the company. Most insurance companies have similar eligibility criteria, but there are others that define additional requirements.

Here are some of the most common eligibility criteria among insurance outfits offering personal trainer insurance.

Age. If you are practicing personal training but you are below 18 years old, you can not be eligible to get personal trainer insurance.

Fitness Trainer Certification. If you get your certification as a personal trainer from the United States, you are eligible to get personal trainer insurance.

Place of Employment. If you are employed as a fitness instructor or trainer by a school or university, you will not be able to get personal trainer insurance.

Type of Training. There are insurance policies that will only cover specific type of trainings. You need to make certain that the type of training you do as a personal trainer is covered by the policy. Specialty in training such as aerobics, dance, pilates, yoga can or can’t be covered by personal trainer insurance in some insurance companies.

An additional criteria is those who have already purchased a sports insurance coverage of the similar kind can’t get a policy in certain companies. These are just some of the general eligibility criteria in most insurance outfits that you need to satisfy in order to get personal trainer insurance.